Saturday Survey: Who’s your favorite wolfpack member (books)?

A few weeks ago, we asked who your favorite human in the book series is. Now I want to know your favorite wolf (not including Jacob)!  I know you might have a favorite in the films but it could be different in the books. Tell us below.

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  • twilight13

    Seth FTW :) x

  • Dj_r19


  • http://www.facebook.com/?sk=games#!/jessicastsoto Team Edward_Bella

    Haha Set is the best!!! the only one!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/u LegHitchThis

    Yeah I was like “I'm gonna vote Quil” -looks down list- “Hm.. he's not here.” :(
    I voted for Seth. He's cool too.

  • MrsR

    Definitely Seth!!

  • emily


  • Skylardavids

    PAUL!!!! :)

  • Paul<3

    PAUL!!!! <3

  • Skylar

    Paul is amazing in his own way :)

  • Skylar

    Pleaseee vote paul for me :) for me pleaseeeee :(

  • Skylar


  • Skylar

    Paul is WAY better just saying!

  • Skylar

    PAUL is a lil better to quil, but quils pretty aweseom too… :)

  • Paul<3


  • banana


  • simona


  • Mandy Cornell

    Leah,she has a better full out story

  • misshawkeye

    Paul is so the best, and so awesome :D

  • Anna


  • Lina

    Embry of course!!

  • seth<3 forever

    i luv seth

  • EdwardNBella4Ever

    me too! esp in new moon.

  • Playmisty4me420

    Embry Call …. Hello

  • <3Tabby <3

    Seth has so much ambition and heart and for such a young wolf he as well has allot of balls so. Deff Seth

  • WolfGirl<3

    seth is freakin amazing. im sorry but hes just so bright and happy and awesome!! (and i know this is only for the books but….he is so cute!!!) anyway, he is my second favourtie wolf!!! (next to jake of course :P )

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    Ohhh what! No Jacob! XD Hmmm.. its a tie between Seth, Embry and Jared.. :// Decisions decisions.. Umm. SETH!!!! ;DDD

  • twilight TWIHARD

    I VOTE SETH!!!

  • Vampyree

    Seth &'' Jarred :d

  • Amanda

    Seth is so cute when Jacob intorduces hime to Bella.
    And Seth is like the newest, youngest, brightest. Then Jacob is like the slowest.

  • Twilight Fan

    Oh I agree if you read Breaking Dawn he is Actually Edwards Best Man!

  • Twlilght Fan

    Any one who does not pick SETH is CRAZY!

  • http://twitter.com/dazzled_eyes Danielle

    Seth…by far.

  • Sky

    Paul is 2cd to Seth :) I <3 Paul

  • Sky

    Grrrrrrrr….PAUL! <3

  • Sky

    I voted PAUL!! <3 ;)

  • Team Paul <3

    u got the right PAUL <3

  • Sky

    GOOO paul!!!

  • TeamPaul<3

    Paul ;) The guy with the worst temper, only wanting to protect his pack/family :) The guy with the beutiful and sinister smile ;)

  • TeamPaul<3

    Me too ;) The guy with the good looks in the pack. Heres my favorite list of the Wolf Pack:
    1: Paul
    2: Embry
    3: Quil
    4: Jared
    5: Jacob
    6: Leah
    7: Emily (I know shes not a wolf but shes part of the wolf pack family)
    8: Seth
    9: Sam

  • Aarnett90

    seth all the way

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    What is so good about Paul!? All he has in an anger issue!! Unlike Seth, soooo HOT! ;D

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    Hahaha Seth has 790 votes and Paul has 137 votes (: GO SETH! ;DDD

  • Twibrightmmxi

    Seth is F***** hilarious. I love him… and I have always wanted a younger brother :)

  • Twibrightmmxi

    Seth is funny and I always wanted a younger brother

  • La_tua_cantante

    Seth!!! I guess because he is so unbiased

  • edwards numba one fan!


  • Playmisty4me420


  • Cullen4evr

    seth!! hes cute and sweet

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VL373GE5PZKXXDU6K3U7CQWT4Q jezarae dominguez


  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Alex Meraz (Paul) is awesome too. Also, he originates from a tribe in Mexico! Quil is so funny. Embry is sort of puppy-ish. Leah is the bomb-shniz.

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