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  • just me

    Yes. I LOVE the last one as well!!! SOOOOOO cool! so much chemistry btween them. Hope they are a couple! They still haven't confirmd it right?

  • DemetriLover626

    I love the second one! :) It's so awesome! :)



  • Chloieeugenio

    i love the 2nd one … beLLa is a vampire .. :) ))))))

  • trh36

    Still not confirmed in words only actions. :) I love them together., I also hope that they are together in REAL LIFE! That Chemistry between them can't be FAKED no matter how good a ACTOR/ACTRESS you are. I love all these pictures., the last one is my favorite….buy boy is Kristen going to make a BEAUTIFUL VAMPIRE…..She is just so Beautiful, inside and out., just like Robert…..:) xoxo

  • Twilightvamp

    i know they are SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER

  • trh36

    Can you imagine how GORGEOUS their children will be.,WOW!!!! They are just BEAUTIFUL!!! THE PERFECT COUPLE!!! They compliment each other so much. They look so good together….I'm glad they got the chance in life to meet and fall in love., Rob has loved her before Twilight., I'm glad when they finally admit to it all., he finally got his DREAM GIRL!!!

  • Natdebratt

    OMG Kristen looks so hawt! I guess there goes any chance of me being with Rob. LOL ;-)

  • victoria

    Yes, it's a beautiful picture! :) Yes, they are a couple.. They have been a long time.. I belive since 2009. It's many proof of that. Pictures where they kiss, holding hands, always staying in same hotelroom and so on :) The last weekend, they where filmed, holding hands, in the middle of the streets of vancouver. :)

  • Taylorlove

    i live in denmark and i havent seen the new movie, is it good?

  • Svgmishra1

    they look gud just in movie..
    rest..they SUCK!!!!

  • Twilightfreak11-18-11

    Do u mean breaking Dawn or eclipse cuz breaking dawn hasn't came out yet

  • signe

    hvilken film??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DRQAK7CBBYNLPP7P7NQCDJ7EUY sawsan

    love the 1st pic. they all look sooooooooo nice.

  • lovvestwilight

    wait doesnt breaking dawn come out November 18 2011?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WKFFWPVV252LVME7XNEP2PU43Q keisha

    i love the 3rd pic

  • Spider Monkey

    They are filming parts of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver. And while I am with you and believe that they are together, pictures of them holding hands and kissing are not proof of a relationship right now. They have been filming for a while now and a lot of those pictures that people use as “proof” were from on the set if you look closely. Let them have their relationship the way they want to, not in the public eye. lol

  • Kasey

    Get paid enough money and you can look like you have chemistry with anyone. All you have to do is think about the one you really have the hots for. To me the relationship is just too set-up looking.

  • Lrash1999

    what a HOT picture of Kristen and Robert!!!

  • Niki_williams

    Damn Kristen Mami..you look HOT…and Rob love it :-)

  • Aaliyah

    omg i hope rob and kristen get together. they look sooooooo good together and their chemistry is off the hook. she is the only one i will accept him bein with 2 tell the truth.lol. hope they make breakin dawn a really good one.

  • Bananaheadavery

    very nice pics! They look so serious!

  • Suryasnatabhowmik

    yupss! and i am dying, (no not dying exactly; i wont prefer to sacrifice my life for it, anyway) to watch it!! i watched the previews in youtube and it seems to be darn seductive!!!

  • misslot

    chances are already little for a regular girl of woman to be with Rob, they are as big as me becoming a superstar, and I know those chances are about 1 to a milion, if it isn't smaller.


    your wrong Svgmishtar..They both look good in movies and the rest. :)

  • jennylovesjacob

    Taylor looks soooooooooo cute in the first picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MariyaA213

    duh,,, don't state the obvioius and isult people.. k. Ciao.

  • http://twitter.com/_faithful007 Nicole Camporese

    Love Bella as a vamp & the third one. I'm a relatively new Twihard, so I have to ask, where's the third one from?

  • trh36

    All the previews for Breaking Dawn right now are Fan Made that are on Youtube. Unless your talking about Water for Elephants., then YES that movie looks REALLY GREAT and Can't wait to see it either. Love Story, yes….seductive not so sure. It was based in 1930's they weren't too big on that PDA stuff. :)

  • trh36

    Bella doesn't become a Vampire until Breaking Dawn, which we wont get to see until 2012 in the 2nd half….It's the 4 & 5 movies of the series…..not the 2nd.
    Unless, you mean that you just love the fact that in the 2nd Breaking Dawn you love the fact that she will become a Vampire. Sorry, you weren't clear enough.

  • Fiorellasara

    the most cute vampire….Edward



  • Fiorellasara

    the most cute vampire….Edward



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