BooBoo Stewart’s Reaction to Invasion of Privacy

This is horrible. Apparently BooBoo had an incident in which his mother’s cell phone was compromised. Here is what his management says about the incident! I find this so sad, especially given how available BooBoo always makes himself to his fans!

TSC Entertainment reaching out to Boo Boo fans and asked us to publish this letter:

“Booboo Stewart would like his fans to know how much he appreciates their support and thinks they are totally awesome. Booboo enjoys meeting and sharing with his fans when he is in public, loves to chat with them on Facebook and Myspace, but, please respect his family’s personal privacy.

Booboo’s mother’s cell phone was compromised by an individual or individuals that contacted her via text and impersonated Booboo. This was worrisome to his mother and family because of the nature of the text. Steps have been taken to correct this matter. Booboo and his family appreciate your understanding for family privacy.

Booboo wants to assure his fan he will always make an effort to share and communicate what’s happening in his life and career and truly appreciates their understanding when it comes to his family’s personal privacy.”

Source: via Gossip_Dance

  • http://twitter.com/xuXFirefliesXux Christine Marzan

    even though i speak as a fan, i hate how celebrities have to live a life of no privacy, even if yes they chose to have this life

  • Anitaplove

    I love him for real, and I hate what a lot of weird people do to celebrities.. but… WHAT KIND OF NAME IS BOOBOO??!!!

  • Kristi

    its a nickname

  • Kristi

    its a nickname

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