More talk of David Slade as potential director for ‘Wolverine’

When Darron Aronofsky dropped out of the director’s chair for The Wolverine, various media outlets threw David Slade‘s name into the mix, but now it seems that producers are considering him as well. From The Playlist:

In the midst of Deadline’s report about Hugh Jackman being offered “Snow White and the Huntsman,” they briefly mention that Fox is now beginning to look at directors and that David Slade and Duncan Jones are just a couple of early names being considered.

Slade is no surprise, really. He recently admitted he pretty much had the gig until Darren Aronofsky swooped in and took it for himself. However, in the wake of Aronofsky’s departure he hit Twitter to say that no discussions had taken place between himself and Fox, but obviously, that could change. Before Aronofsky bounced, Slade signed on to direct another comic franchise for the studio, a reboot of “Daredevil,” but we’d guess that “The Wolverine” is probably the priority project between the two.

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