Official Facebook Page for Taylor Lautner’s ‘Abduction’!

Last week was such an exciting week  for Taylor Lautner fans with his MTV interview AND the new Abduction trailer!

Now that you have seen Taylor Lautner in the trailer for Abduction, don’t forget to check out the Official Abduction Movie Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/abductionmovie

  • Lisa

    cool ;)

  • Pixy3p6


  • Mary

    Really All I Can See Taylor .L In Is Twilight LOL Ok He Is Ok But Wouldent Go Crazy Over Him LoL Im A Robert .P /Edward Cullen Fan!! LOL Much Better Any Day Sorry Taylor But He Is Still Good Looking Still Nothing Wrong With Him!! :) //And Its Ok He Is In Other Movies But I Wouldent Watch Them Sorry I Know Im 21 But No Thanks

  • Julie

    I actually think it'll be cool to see him in a different environment than Twilight. That's how we'll see his potential as an actor. It's the same with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It was good to see her in a role completely different than Bella in the Runaways.
    Not sure I'll rush to the theater to see Abduction, but I will definitely watch it when it's available on VOD.

  • Sweetpea8852

    OMGOODNESS!!!! Can't wait to go see this!!!!!! I'm Team Switzerland But Taylor is HOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!! LOL

  • Jessie

    He just amazing!!!!

  • Kristen

    Give the kid a break, he's only 19… I am a huge Rob Pattinson/ Kristen Stewart fan, they are amazing, but Taylor dsnt have as much movie background as they do and I think he did real well in all the recent films he was in. Now I live in Pittsburgh were Abduction was filmed and for a young kid he is a really cool guy…and I am 39, old enough to be his mother. One thing I can say about Taylor that Rob dsnt have is he is much better at dealing with publicity…but we will always LOVE ROB>>>>>>>>>

  • jacoblover244712

    edward is a sparkly gay vampire who is 109 which jacob is a HOT 16 YEAR OLD I CHOOSE JACOB

  • Silly3c

    I'd watch Taylor over any of the other twilight cast members any day….can't stand the other 2 main characters….they're too twitchy….get it together….I'm so glad Taylor doens't act like that. He's going to be just fine after the whole twilight thing is over. Super excited to see the new movie!!!

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    im with you im all about Edward so cant wait for Breaking Dawn Part 1 November 18th its gunna be awesome so excited loves all the movies im so Edward and Bella Cullen for life!!!!!

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    i think hes fake .

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    RunaWays was a way good movie i loved how she played the part of Joan Jett did a way good job couldnt have picked anyone any better and i wanna see Water For Elephants looks way good to Robert Pattinson is way beyond sexy and so is Reese WitherSpoon.

  • http://profiles.google.com/patbypat Patricia Ferrari Espíndola

    Tô contando os dias pra estréia aqui no Brasil!!!

  • Lady_Team_Switzerland♥

    Oooh, snap! I totally agree with that XD

  • Chand_odedra

    i choose edward

  • Matet_692002

    Taylor is also good looking and hot but Robert is more…more…more good looking and more HOT than him.Sorry but I choose Robert….

  • Marjzburgos

    for jacodlover 244712 thats bad huh follow me on twiter?

  • Tinkerbellediva

    team edward for life

  • MrsEsmeCullen

    I chose the 300+ year old hot doctor who doesnt play mind games and takes what he wants Team Carlisle.

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    I agree with you! The first ever time I watched Twilight, my eyes straight away went to Edward! Aka Robert Pattinson! I know Jacob/Taylor is a great person and he is really sexy and a good actor but theres just something how Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward, that he makes you fall in love with him! So I'm sorry to all you Taylor/Jacob fans but Edward/Robert is the way to gooooo! (: Xxxx

  • Zahraabtahi

    great! in the novel my favorite character is not Edward or Jake, it's Carlisle who always makes me say aloud: WOW!

  • BubblesCo

    They are both hot but Edward will always be hot and sexy and Jacob will get old and wrinkley!

  • Jacob Black Baby

    JACOB BLACK ALL THE WAY!! I choose Jacob because he will always b ehot 2 me no matter what.

  • Silly3c

    actually he seems like the most down to earth person….and if that is fake then i'll take that over anything else anyday

  • Sofia9601

    edward is 109 but he is going to look 17 for the rest of his life,and jacob will get older and look older.plus edward is sparkly and not gay i choose edward!

  • lautner_lover1

    he wont get older hes immortel and real men dont sparkl

  • lautner_lover1

    i want to no who started team ewared and team jacob

  • lautner_lover1

    he wont get older hes immortel and real men dont sparkl

  • lautner_lover1

    i want to no who started team ewared and team jacob

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