Another ‘Twilight’ spoof movie on the way?

Looks like another ‘Twilight’ spoof movie could be on the way.

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Could another Twilight spoof movie be on the way? Evidently so. Variety, when reporting on the plans for a new production company, Stonebrook International, mentioned that its “Cannes lineup turns around genre, including [a] ‘Twilight’/vampire movie spoof ‘Bite Me’ . . .”

Indeed, you’re probably already aware that the first full-length theatrical film spoofing the Twilight Saga was last year’s Vampires Suck, starring Matt Lanter, Jenn Proske, Diedrich Bader, and Ken Jeong. With a production budget estimated at $20 million, Vampires Suck brought in $80 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. So, it was certainly not a wash.

Details are slim on what Bite Me will focus on. The IMDb pTage for a 2011 film called Bite Me: The Movie offers the following description:

It’s 1988 and A.C. is one of the coolest guys of the decade. But behind his trendy looks, expensive cloths, and cool demeanor he is secretly a mega-geek who loves dungeons and dragons and video games. He works at a stereotypical 80′s office where big hair, power suits, ass grabbing and cocaine use by the boss are the norm. All is looking good until the boss forces him to bring his geekier best friend Nick to the big corporate retreat with all his coworkers. Nick agrees to be normal for the weekend but after arriving mysteriously disappears. He finally shows up before dawn but to A.C.’s dismay he’s been turned into a vampire. With his Geek-dom of knowledge A.C. knows all about vampires, comprehending exactly whats happening. With his reputation at stake he now has to cover up Nick’s vampirism while at the same time thwart the evil attacking them. But as coworkers start showing up dead and becoming vampires themselves hiding the danger they’re in becomes perilously difficult. Will A.C. save his cooler-than-cool 80′s persona? Will he even get out alive? Will he win the heart of Veronica the sexy sales rep who’s number one? Will it end with a action packed showdown at the head vampires’ secret haven?

If this is the same one described by Variety (which it may not be), this doesn’t sound to be as direct of a Twilight spoof as Vampires Suck was, but we’ll have to wait and see what Bite Me has in store.

This raises the question: As a Twilight fan, are you at all interested in seeing another Twilight spoof movie? Why or why not?

  • Kmk_chick_jdgaf

    the first one looks stupid thats just mean that their making fun of the Twilight sagas come on people get real people are dumb for reals but anyways so cant wait for Breaking Dawn Part 1 November 18th so excited i know thats not the topic here but im just saying go Team Edward and Bella Cullen!!!!!!

  • E&B

    This isn't a twilight spoof at all. It's just a comedy that happens to have vampires.

  • Twiheartfreak

    Absolutely not! People that see these are jerks! I would never waste my money or breath.

  • Kitkatgrl43

    Vampires Suck could have been a bit better, but it wasn't offensive…u just have to have an open mind when it comes to a spoof movie. i'm a die hard twi-hard but i still have a laugh here and there when ppl r making fun of the series. All the ppl that take every negative Twilight spoof/parody/comment need to in a way GET A LIFE! It is mostly all done in jest and some ppl do it just to get a rise out of the ppl who cry about it being mean or in bad taste.

    Ca't wait for BD 1 and may even look up this new film…Keep an open mind peeps :D

  • Sunset

    I thought vampires suck was pretty funny, and I'm not a HUGE twilight fan but I still like it. Is the movie offensive to twi-hards? I have no idea because I'm not one, but my best friend is and she wasn't upset by it… I'm think I'll watch the spoof movie because things like that don't really offend me. Sorry I am rambling :P Hello all :D

  • VampLover626

    i think they should make another one… cuz i found vampires suck a funny movie even tho i like the twilight saga

  • ~emogirl~

    i actually liked it i thought it was hilarious me and my friends love Twilight….. and we think Vampires Suck is hilarious! cant wait!

  • ~emogirl~

    its like me and justing bieber.i lie him nd all but i diss him sumtimes cuz its funny :D

  • robertgirl

    just die dogs and bitches. the movie won;t be successful at all

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Vampires Suck was a funny waste of time, but Bite Me has nothing to do with Twilight, so I won't watch it.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Vampires Suck was a funny waste of time, but Bite Me has nothing to do with Twilight, so I won't watch it.

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