Billy Tangradi: Fans will be ‘pleasantly’ surprised by ‘fun roller coaster’ Breaking Dawn

USA Weekend caught up with Charlie Bewley (Demetri) and Billy Tangradi (Randall) at the Birmingham Twi Tour stop recently, and asked them about working on Breaking Dawn. They also discuss Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as well as choosing Teams. The interview is a good one so I couldn’t pick out small bits to share. Instead, I took a large bit!

I didn’t get to see the Q&As with Birmingham, Charlie Bewley (Demetri of the Volturi Guard), Bill Tangradi (Randall, the nomad) or Patrick Brennan (Liam of the Irish vampire coven), but I did get to meet with Tangradi and Bewley separately, who were humorous and arguably even more handsome out of costume.

This will be Tangradi’s first appearance in the saga as one of the many new characters being revealed in the Breaking Dawn movie, which has been broken into two parts. Bewley has been at it since the second movie, New Moon, when the audience learns of his place among the Volturi as a tracker, the vampire gift that makes it easy for him to find people and vampires.

When I ask the two “Team Edward or Team Jacob”? they both laugh. A lot.

“Oh God,” Bewley says. “Don’t ever ask that question again.” For fans, it’s a fun way to debate and discuss Twilight, but not for Bewley. “I’m a member of the cast. I would be doing my character a disservice answering that question. I’m Team Demetri. I’m a vampire. I work for myself. I’m alpha.”

If it’s possible, Tangradi was even more skeptical of the popular question. “It’s not like there’s an open end. I know who she’s going to end up with.”

So then I ask them, if it’s safe to assume that most the fans are going to know what happens in Breaking Dawn because they’ve read the book, why should they see the movies?

Despite knowing the ending, Tangradi says, there will probably be some surprises. “From what I’ve heard from the fans, it’s like, “What are they going to keep and what are they going to get rid of?’ You can’t film everything that’s in the book. It’s like 700 pages. I do think they’ll be pleasantly surprised and it should be a fun roller coaster.”

He couldn’t reveal much more than that, but, he assures me, “it will be chock full of action.”

So there I was hanging out with some of the cast of Twilight. I had to ask what Pattinson was like in real life. And the guys ran with that one.

“He’s really dreamy,” Tangradi quips.

“He moonwalks on water on one foot,” Bewley jokes. “Can you imagine?”

Then they got serious.

“I found Rob to be really charming,” Tangradi says. “I didn’t have too many encounters with him because I left him alone. He was really self-deprecating and giggly. He laughs a lot under his breathe.”

“Unfortunately, he’s in this position where he has to entertain everyone around him all the time,” adds Bewley, who has gotten to work with him a lot longer. “He takes that burden on him and I’ve seen it kind of progress, from the first time I chatted with – him being like, ‘What is this thing around me? This is so ridiculous. I just want to go home and make music’ – to where he is now. He’s a stand-up guy and he’s completely comfortable in his surroundings wherever that might be.”

And where you have Rob, you have Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, Pattinson’s on-screen love interest — and reportedly off-screen as well.

“I’ve always found her kind of endearing,” Bewley says. “Her awkwardness is wonderful.”

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  • Team_Alice28

    My butt stinks

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Ha-ha: “He moonwalks on water on one foot.”

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Ha-ha: “He moonwalks on water on one foot.”

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