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Here is the first what I expect will be many podcast from us here at Team-Twilight. We just talk about the latest news and our thoughts on things. We’re still feeling our way along but here’s what we have so far! This time around, you’ll hear from me, Angie, Naira and She!

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  • ILoveThemBoth123

    I havent reall y decided my team i love them both if help me choose!!! <3 xx

  • teamSwitzerland

    with u!!

  • Shanxon

    Team Jasper and Alice!

  • Lilfreaky1988

    team edward! unless jacob is shirtless lol

  • steve

    Team Jacob and i guess bella is for jac

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    this was good cant wait for the next podcast :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    this was good cant wait for the next podcast :)

  • AlwaysEdwardsGirl


  • twilightluverme


  • -twilightfreak<3

    YAY I'M ON BOTH TEAMS!!!!!!!-twilightfreak<3

  • Mack

    Team Renesmee Breaking all the rules

  • Bjreige

    when is the new twlight caming out i have been trying to find out

  • Yeagerswife122805

    In reference to the fact about children in the books, the females, well the non human females in the twilight series cannot have children. If you remember the story of Roaslie, in I believe the third book- correct me if I am wrong. She has a very deep and heart felt conversation with Bella explaining her hopes of having children, and now in her current form (vampire) she is unable to do so and she feels that the entire experience was taken away from her. The males in the book can procreate, but the females cannot. Remember the child in the fourth book who was born to a human woman of a vampire? I cannot remember the story verbatum or the boys name. The only reason renesme(sp) was born was because she was still a human when she and Edward had sex, therefore she was able to concieve a child. Renesmee however would not be able to….however the fact that she is half human….im not sure.?

  • Aurora Lezama

    I love Robert Pattinson! AKA(Edward Cullen) Team Edward all the way! Robert is gonna be the next Jhonny Depp. HE is a great actor! HE is also a great person so down to earth.

  • rob's#1fan

    Omg u n me both I want to her to do one more book for us twilight fans

  • Jennjenngraham

    i guess just weird i guess i am eam alice lol and team jasper fav book is eclipse and movie is new moon i love alices lines in it and how much she was involved in it

  • TraceyK

    I want Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun, even though we only got to read part of the book (thanks to the dummy who put it online) I LOOOOOVED it!!! I really can't wait for Breaking Dawn AND I wish they didn't make us wait a whole year to watch the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn. We should start a page ” Don't make us wait 1 year for Breaking Dawn part 2, a 6 month wait is long enough!

  • Fairlyoddlover69

    So u know the whole saga thing has been out for like 6 yrs not 2!Wat a fan u must be!Get ur facts rite befor u make a brodcast over the internet!

  • Slb4291977

    I cannot wait for Stephanie to finish Midnight Sun… but then, will she stop there.  In New Moon, Edward is gone for months… it would be interesting to see how the rest of the books would be reading through Edward's point of view. 

    As for Jacob and Nessie, don't forget about the third part of a possible love triangle.  We all assume she will pick Jacob, but Nahuel, who is introduced later in the 4th book will be waiting for her as well.  I could see another great fight scene.

  • Vampiress1872

    I'm TEAM EDWARD!!!

  • Keyleesmommie

    I think she should expand on the part when the cullens all became vampires and there lives before then leading up to it.

  • Wentreefgirl1

    The people who say Jacob can have kids is correct. I think most of us here have beaten the breakin dawn book to death. Translation, we have read it and re-read it. Most of us have quoted the book correct. SeralynsMom929 was wrong. Also, midnight sun was a book in the making. But I think what happend was a employee of Stephanie's stole the copy of the book and posted it to the internet where everyone had a chance to read it and it ruined her for finnishing the book.  Maybe we can encourage Stephanie that we still want to see the end of that book and perhaps a movie later on it.  How about a Jacobs side to the whole story.

  • Isabella Cullen

    I hope to read the new book about renesmee and jacob.

  • hrose89

    I agree with Lindsay, my favourite movie is twilight as well. it has more appeal and in my opinion sticks truer to the books. favourite book would have to be breaking dawn.
    TEAM EDWARD!!! not team Rob. He does a great representation of Edward, but its edwards characteristics i fell in love with, not the actor. :)

  • hrose89

    also would like to add that Stephanie should write another book. there is surely a demand for it, and because her writing style is so unique and exceptional, almost guarenteed to be a best seller :D

  • hrose89

    speaking of robs performance when he was casted in the movie, id like to make note of Kristen's performance and capturing bella perfectly, including all her flaws and great characteristics, especially how clumsy and awkward Bella actually is

  • Devil hunter

    I dont know why u people r debating on who will have kids or not. i think its up 2 stephne 2 make Jacob reproducible or impotent. but i think Jacob can reproduce with Reenesme and i would really love 2 read their love story. the character of Reenesme is beautifully sketched and her power is stunning.

  • Carolinakullberg

    I think its a tradgedy that breaking dawn will be the last we hear of our beloved Twilight caracters. To kill a good thing for all fans is to not care for all millions of us who have made some ppl very very rich and famous and the author stepanie is one of them. I hope there will be at least 2 new books that show fans all around the globe that we are important and lets us see how life turns out for Bella Edward Renesmee Jacob and rest of the family. I want to see more of their past and how the future will make our modern vampire family turn out. DONT KILL THE CULLENS !!! Please dont let all of us fans down this big stepanie !!!!!!! Let your caracters live and breath for a few more years write for us please….
    Carolina kullberg from sweden

  • Ambreen

    Hwy Congrats girls, its nice to finally put voice to names :)

  • twihardaholiccutiebaby

    I want jacob and nessie to have kids i think that it would be so cute. Also i want stephanie to make another book on the future of them and how they evolve as a family. i also think that it would be good to see the past of the cullens, for example how did alice become a vampire, and why doesnt she rememer anything from the past. It would be nice to see their love story unfold. There is always room for having babies. By the way i am team jacob (because he is so fit and good looking) and jasper (because he if weird) !!!!!!!!!!! And also i would love it if the twilight story was real i would be a sparkly vamipe any day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lozzallaaa

    i totaly agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  • rip twilight !!!

    me to it would be great if we knew the future of the cullens !!!!!!!

  • Lollypop

    <3 twilight i want it to carry oooooooooooon!!!!!!

  • Laurenbholly

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooooooooooooooo i dont want it to go!!!!!!!!!!! i will cry when i seeeeeee theeeeeeeeee laaaaaaaaaaastttttttttttttttt fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmm :'(

  • Nyxeschild


  • Twilight Rockzzz

    i agree it too… i would love to watch alice”s past especially… mostly emmett… love him… <3

  • Seamonkey Key

    According to the Breaking Dawn book, Nahuel said his sisters were non-vemonmous and sterile but Carlisle said Nessie was special so there is room for another book there. Stephenie left that open for another book if she wants too.

  • Lisa

    James caused Alice to be a vampire, you hear him tell the story, in the Ballet place right before he tried to kill Bella.

  • Ginger Loves Twilight

    I never remember him telling the story…in either the movie or the book…will have to rewatch and listen closely

  • Nyx

    Ya… Emmett and the bear!!!! ;-) ;-)

  • Nyx

    We already know how Alice became a vampire. James turned her, left her there all alone, then she eventually found The Cullens because of her gift of seeing the future. And that is ALSO how she found and fell in love with Jazz… because Alice saw it all before it even happened. That's why Alice is a force to be reckoned with… You just cannot rein her in or stop her. That is also why we all LOVE her!!!! ;-) ;-)

  • Starry

    James tells the story to Bella in the Ballet studio about 'the one that got away' and Alice was that one.  It is just before she attempts to run away from him.  It also discusses it more the in Official Twilight Saga guide book.

  • Surabhidutt_8

    i strongly feel Stephanie Meyer should complete midnight sun ,,,,,,,,, i found it really interesting and even better then Bella's point of view

  • M1ssp1der

    omg- it is a pretend world. This isn't real.

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