It’s Sunday: Before they were ‘Twilight’ stars

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Peter Facinelli in The Scorpion King

Thanks Chelsea!

Dakota Fanning and Michael Welch on Malcolm in the Middle
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Thanks TeamEdward93 and Eden!

Kristen Stewart in Jumper
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcDojwTIC4YYouTube Preview Image
Thanks Johnnie-Marie!

  • Anna Emanoff

    Wow I forgot about that Malcom in the Middle episode! So funnyy!

  • Julesturner17

    Taylor is shark boy and he played in cheaper by the dozen 2. lol

  • Kiefersutherlandfan_1

    Taylor Lautner was in Shark Boy 7 Lava Girl!

  • Kiefersutherlandfan_1

    Sorry meant Shark Boy & Lava Girl!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TJ2GSWIMI2FLWHQ27ASTHS2UKA 1st Amendment Right

    Kristen Stewart in Panic Room, as Jodie Foster's diabetic daughter.

  • Sugarsky84

    Nikki Reed played an amazing part in the movie Thirteen

  • Jacqui

    Kristen stewart was in catch that kid, too.

  • Sweetchksjess

    Rob was Cedric Diggery???? in Harry Potter

  • Kiefersutherlandfan_1

    Dang you beat me to the punch! (haha)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TJ2GSWIMI2FLWHQ27ASTHS2UKA 1st Amendment Right

    Kristen Stewart also plays in Cold Creek Manor, adventureland. .. =)

  • Ginny170

    She was also in Zathura

  • Tiffany_biggs

    Kristen Stewart in the lifetime movie Speak

  • Revarosered089

    kristen stewart wasnt in adventureland, that was some austrailian actress, she did play in the lifetime movie speak too.

  • Kiefersutherlandfan_1

    No she was in it!

  • Bananaheadavery

    i did not bother 2 watch

  • andreawesome

    she also cowrote thirteen and it was loosely based on her life.

  • http://twitter.com/ArcaneWolf Tiffany Zawalick

    Nikki Reed WROTE Thirteen.

  • Mafer

    Kellan Lutz was a secondary actor in the first season of 90210 too

  • http://twitter.com/ArcaneWolf Tiffany Zawalick

    OH, Taylor Lautner was the voice of Young Blood on Danny Phantom. :D

  • taylor

    Kellan was in some gymnastics movie…

  • Werewolfgrl26

    Kristen Stewart played on The Messengers. Taylor Lautner played on Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2

  • Mafer

    Kristen was in catch that kid with max thierot, and both of them were in jumper too

  • Kiytheangelofdeath

    Kristen Stewart cant show emotion. She must of been born a ginger. What a shame to ruin Bella.

  • Emma

    she did appear in adventureland, it is her name on the credits.

  • Jeryn

    Jackson Rathbone was in Big Stan, with Rob Schneider. Totally cute!

  • me

    the gymnastics movie was “Stick It”

  • JanetS

    Yep, she was in Adventureland, just watched it last night.  Unless….. there is some Aussie actress named Kristen Steward (on move credits) that looks just like her.

  • raquel

    Kellan Lutz also came out in Hillary Duff's video clip: “With Love”

  • SeralynsMom929

    it's called Stick It. he was also in Accepted with Justin Long. he was also in the new Nightmare on Elm Street. some may not have paid much attention since he played the first character ( Dean) who died in the very beggining of the movie.

  • Bethany loves twighlite

    rob =cedric in harry potter

  • Bfritze0929

    Rob P was Cedric Digory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Loztess97

    stick it

  • Someones Babeh Xo

    Kristen Stewart was also in The Messengers & The Runaways.

  • Eli_letter

    Kellan Lutz in a tv episode of Heroes

  • Jessicacombs59

    Cam Gigandet, Nikki Reed and Jacson Rathborne were all on The O.C.

  • Grimesallie

    Stick it

  • Nikitta_v

    jackson rathbone in the last airbender, funny!

  • Pam

    KS was also in Into the Wild.

  • Switzerland101

    Rob was in a band

  • Stevis329

    Jackson Rathbone also played in S. Darko, the sequel to Donnie Darko…

  • L_moss82

    Rob was also in vanity fair…

  • Kitchensyevette

    Peter Facinelli in a *really* old movie called “Talk to Me,” opposite Jennifer Love-Hewitt. LOVED the glasses!

    Elizabeth Reaser in “The Family Stone” as the eldest sister…

  • amy

    cam gigandet was also in that movie where the girl pretended to sleep with a lot of guys and stitched a scarlet a into her wardrobe

  • amy

    oh and cam also played in that movie about the girl being haunted by her brother that died b4 birth, and her eyes change. with the dog that has the upside down head

  • Ceeweed24

    kristen on svu playing a transgender teen brillant performance

  • Thestreights

    KS was also in The Cake Eaters

  • Rojoky

    Jackson rathbone played a fantastic part in a criminal minds( i think) episode.

  • Sburnstagwd1

    Kristin Stewart also stared in “Messangers” and “Cake Eaters” and Robert pattinson stared on “Harry potter and the goblet of fire”, Dekota Fanning has stared in a lot such as, “taken the tv series”, “hide and seek”, “charlottes web” and much more, Nikki Reed stared in “chain letter” Michele Sheen stared in “underworld” and “underworl evolution” and more!!

  • Sburnstagwd1

    And in “messengers”

  • Lynne Donahue

    Kristen Stewart was also in Zathura

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