Fan Art Feature: Alice and Jasper

For this week’s feature, I picked some really cute Alice and Jasper fan art from various artists from DeviantArt this week. Which is your favorite?? Click on each artist’s name to see more of their work!






  • Bnglfn

    LOVE the 1st & last pic.  WONDERFUL WORK!

  • Techno Electric

    The first one looks like Bella and Edward dressed as Alice and Jasper.

  • D Dominova

    The first one is the best:-)

  • Jasperluva

    I absolutely love the first and fifth picture. They are so beautiful. The artists are very gifted.

  • Allie:)

    I really like the 3rd and 5th! I love the 5th!!!! I wish I had that painting!

  • edward<3 57

    3'd and 5'th <3 them!!

  • Scarlet_0512

    I absolutely love the first one. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Broken_hart_72

    The first is very beautiful but it's not as good a resemblance as the fifth one. I love the different colors used in the fifth one.

  • aimee

    omg love the last one

  • Debrajacobsen44

    I like them all but, the fourth one is my fav. I like the way his finger is caressing her inner arm…and I like the old time feel of it…

  • Monkeyjunkie

    i like the first one best and ten the last one but love that the 3rd has jasper in a monkey t-shirt, for 100 monkeys i asume :)

  • Blossomky2003

    Totally agree. The first is the best of all…

  • http://twitter.com/grinbestust Greta Palin

    I love them all but the fourth doesn't look like them they look like they are  40  years old

  • guest

    the first is amazing

  • Poofy

    WOW! The first one is just WOW!

  • Pol_nartul93


  • Areejfatima378

    an awsm moviee. . . . ..

  • I<3Cullens

    i like the third one its cute and goes more with the book alice's hair is suppose to be as short as a boys:p but shes still beautiful!

  • Victoria Nicolova

    amazing! all the fan art was incredible… i love the movie and the last pic is my fave. :)

  • LivintheDream76

    Love the 5th one!!! First one is good too!

  • Sarajmarie

    I absolutely Love the 1st. one just beautiful artistry I wish I had a large printing to add to my other pieces of twilight art on my bedroom wall!!!

  • RFry58

    Tht is awsome!

  • Krazywild7769

    I love the first and last the art looks real like there
    truly in love I like that

  • Sahianprincess

    I like The last photo is cute=}

  • lorrie

    I like the first…

  • Sweetheart

    I love the last one! (chibisofa) looks more like Alice then any of the other ones

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