Chaske Spencer Talks Kristen Stewart, the End of Twilight & the “Let’s Move” Campaign

Chaske Spencer recently  did a candid interview with Ology where he talked about his co-star Kristen Stewart, the ending of Twilight and of course the Let’s Move campaign .

Here’s an excerpt from the interview :

Hi Chaske! Can you tell us about how you got involved with “Let’s Move”?

My manager called and said they were doing “Let’s Move for Indian Country” on reservations. And since I’m in Twilight and as a Native American actor in such a franchise like that, I like to use the spotlight to help out causes. So they called my manager, he gave me the info and I volunteered. I wanted to do this because teenage obesity is all over the country… and on reservations, it’s just like any other place. It’s the same thing. You know, help educate kids about what they put in their bodies when it comes to food and that exercise is very important, extremely important.

I know you had a vigorous exercise routine during Twilight. Now that filming is over, do you try to maintain that?

Yeah, just not so intensely. I do work out, but during those films, it was five days a week of intense training. Now I cut that back to probably three days a week. I gave up the cardio, but it’s all diet as well. That’s something I learned when I was getting in shape for The Twilight Saga was that it’s 70 percent diet. It has a lot to do with what you eat. You can do thousands of crunches, but unless you’re eating right, they’re not going to show up on your body. But for me, I haven’t hit the gym in probably about a month because I’ve been traveling a lot, but when I get home or I get to a place where I’m there for a period of time, I definitely find the nearest gym. But then again, I always go running. You don’t need a gym to run, do pushups, situps or squats. So I’ve kept pretty fit.

You’ve stuck up for Kristen Stewart in interviews before. Why do you think the media is so hard on her?

I don’t know why. People need to back off her. She’s really a nice girl. I just don’t think she’s into the whole game. I kind of feel that way too in the sense that, “Why do I have to keep selling myself to the media to watch a movie? Why can’t you just look at the work?” I think she does that and she’s a really nice person. If you sit down and have coffee with her or chill out with her one-on-one or in a group, she’s really a cool person. I tip my hat to her for not catering to the media. Because in the end, we’re just actors. We like to work. We like to be other people. That’s what we do. We’re not celebrities. That’s the thing. I don’t think she wants to be a celebrity. She’s not a reality show star. She’s just a person who wants to work as an actress. People need to back off from her.

So are you relieved that the whole thing is over now? I mean, the paparazzi and whatnot.

Well, I never had a problem with them because I’m not Lautner, Stewart or Pattinson. I really like the fact that I can be in this franchise, get some benefits out of it to launch my own career and still lie low under the radar. I really like that. Plus, watching all of that, I’m not really comfortable with it. That’s why I do a lot of charity work because I can use that spotlight to focus on other things and help out. Because I really do believe in helping out and giving back. But it’s not so focused on my personal life so I can fly under the radar.


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Source : Ology via Twilight Lexicon

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