Exclusive Twilightish Interview with Lisa Howard (Siobhan – Irish Coven)

The beautiful miss Lisa Howard was kind enough to speak with us this week about her new Irish Coven, Breaking Dawn and even her FAVORITE scene to film!

Twilightish: Being a newcomer to the Twilight Saga, how was it joining this tight group of friends?

Lisa: Everyone was very welcoming.  We had fun on and off the set.

Twilightish: Famous Fandom Question: Did you read the books or see the movies before you went for the part of Siobhan? If not did you read them when you received the part? If so, were you a fan of the series before?

Lisa: I was a HUGE Twilight Fan before I auditioned for the role of Siobahn.  I ,of course, had read all four books and was so excited just to get an audition. When I actually got the role, I just about died!

Twilightish: Siohan is quite a strong willed character, (she even suspects that she can effect the outcome of a situation by willpower alone!). How did you go about forming her character for the big screen?

Lisa: To get into my character, I re-read Breaking Dawn and I watched all the prior Twilight movies. I tried to be as familiar with the world that Stephanie Meyers created as I could. Then on set, my costume, hair and make-up really helped transport me into that world. Who couldn’t feel like a vampire with those red eyes!

Twilightish: Did you find instant chemistry with your on-screen mate Liam (played by Patrick Brennan)?

Lisa: Yes, he’s a great guy.  Maggie (played by Marlane Barnes) and Liam and I spent a lot of time together on set, you get close with everybody.

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