Hollywood Lookalikes: Kristen Stewart and Teresa Palmer

NextMovie has listed a gallery of their favorite Hollywood lookalikes and Kristen Stewart is featured among them.

Teresa Palmer & Kristen Stewart
Palmer has nearly nabbed roles in “Justice League,” “Mad Max,” and the ”Spider-Man” movies but this talented blonde will forever be in the shadow of her movie duplicate, Kristen Stewart. Despite different hair, they have a shocking resemblance, but Palmer may give the “Twilight” queen a run for her money if “I Am Number Four” or “Mad Max” launches her into the same surprise franchise spot K-Stew found herself in.

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  • Mamabev58

    I'm sorry but I don't see it.  No one can compare to Kristen.

  • Jess westcott


  • Jess westcott

    But the actress who stared in the movie 'Stick it' dose look a tad like her.

  • Guest

    wtf? This is bs no way do they look alike and how dare they say that she is in the shadow of Kristen because thats the biggest bs i have ever heard.

  • Kim78

    NOPE, I DON'T see ANY resemblance between the two, WHAT-SO-EVER!  I DO AGREE, though, that the actress from “Stick It' DOES look a little like KS!

  • AdeleLovesJake

    i think she would look like her if her chin wasnt so pointy x

  • Melissa Blackburn

    I think they do! When i went to see i am number 4, i did think it was actually Kristen Stewart. There may not be a resemblance in those to pictures, but if you watch TP in IAN4, she does look like kristen.

  • Sheena

    i dont think she looks like her at all either!!

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Umm… Not really. From a distance, I actually thought that Teresa looked like Ashley.

  • Seila Cervantes

    Not in this picture but when Teresa plays in bring ne home tonight they look identical!!!!

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    I dont think they look a lik that much! maybe a little bit! but not more..

  • Kim_egg28

    Screw Kirsten Stewart!!! I am not a fan for both any both of them, but when the world comes to an end, and there are only 2 hotties gonna stay up with me, i will definitely take Teresa Palmer!!! I always love brunette, but this Kirsten bruntte is too much for me!!! Only Vampires want her!!!

  • Alijones309_1

    She looks like her in take me home tonight movie..just finished watchin and at first glance I totally thought it was Kristen.. when she has blonde hair.

  • Laura

    When i 1st saw Teresa Palmer on Bed Time Story i totally confused her with Kristen Stewart, you guys need a better picture of the two like this one, to see the resemblance http://media.onsugar.com/files

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