The Team-Twilight Take podcast is now up! We talk the new Breaking Dawn trailer!

It’s time, it’s time (said, of course, in the Alice Cullen New Moon birthday party voice)! It’s our second podcast! In this podcast, we talk to Angie about her experience on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, and… the BREAKING DAWN TRAILER!!

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In case you need a memory-jogging, here is the Breaking Dawn trailer:
YouTube Preview Image

  • Vampirolobo1995

    con solo ver ste cortometraje ya estoy impasiente por la segunda parte de esta saga juj u esta buenisima la pelicula de breaking dawn



  • Kpalubicki

    i cannot wait until this movie comes out!!!!!!!! twilight rox!

  • Marly_monica

    Can`t wait to see the actual movie!!

  • stacy

    i never noticed the blood on his face and i have watched the trailer about 10 times thnx i am going to have to watch more carefully next time. good eye

  • http://twitter.com/LoveBreath Beverly

    We never tire of the trailer, by the time eclipse came out, we'd virtually seen shot by shot..we fans can't resist…I know I cannot.  Imagine how lucky rob and kristen were, to get paid to go on the honeymoon.  Neither will ever want for money, for sure, but Rob is going to be a superstar, laffin all the way to the bank.  Since we discovered him, we will never let him go.  I try, but I cannot,  He's all that and a bag of chips.  IF he were like some others, trying to say something smart or astounding, it would ruin his charm.  His lack of caring what we think is a BIG part of his charm.  His honesty is another.  HIS FORM is what we CRAVE.  Imagine the heat with Kstew and he dies out, and er, Rob, say, gets a lil drunk…Who'd like to run INTO him?????

  • Dani Pattinson

    if they'd only made 1 Breaking Dawn movie, it would suck so bad – think of having to fit all that content into 2 hours WITHOUT pissing ALL of us off. Impossible.

  • Fireymaiden1972

    i love the films,but i wish they'd made them more like the books which are better

  • Gallen1415

    Damn, he must had shreaded her pussy. it wont ever be the same. poor bella.

  • Ahmed

    i cannot wait to watch twilight 4
    please say the time of veiw the film please say

  • lara_key_sophie

    i cant wait !!!!!! i want to se the movie in the first day !! :) i love edwar is the best  but jacob is not far !!


    i cANT WAIT MOVE THE DATE TILL TOMMMROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love  <jacob>!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUMMMM

  • SarahBaby

    I've watched this a million times! I love it!! Come on November!!!!! When Edward breaks the headboard yum!!

  • team3dwardforever

    Dey shuld at least move the movie part to august -.-

  • team3dwardforever

    Every time I see da trailer I get so excited :D but den sad cuz it's still not out DX

  • misshawkeye

    omg omg cant wait for the movie, lost count how may times ive watched the trailer and am reading breading dawn again for the fourth time coz its my favourite book :)

  • Jess westcott

    Thanks Team-Twilight! Your  podcast are great!

  • Nis3ycanady

    OMG i cant wait 2 c breakiing dawn….liike i luv all twliight sagas n i especially luv taylor as jacob he is an fabulous actiing…n gorgeous 2 i would be honored 2 meet him in person liike i would dead faiint or sumthiing…..i just cant wait till it cums out….

  • Team Jacob……Nis3y

    i cant wait 2 c but dats mad far away…..team jacob 24/7….datz ma future husband gush i luv hiim…i luv all twiliight sagas….:*

  • kate

    lv the clip cant wait 2 c it lv twilight soooooooooooo much 5 months 2 wait :) :) :)

  • juan

    this trailer could have been more epic like other ones they should have showed more of the action and had more dromatic music like in eclipe they should have should the vartury geting ready to attack the collian family and made it more intresting cuz i know they are mad

  • Kiks2716

    i am a 41 year old mother of two and the Twilight saga movies  and the books brought back  my addiction in reading love story novels…just  can't wait to see Breaking Dawn on November 18 :D

  • Spj06

    Twilight is like living a second life for me..!! i love it..!! :D

  • Skelaita

    I am not watching the trailer anymore. It will drive me up the damn wall. November is very very very very far away. Not going to torture myself anymore

  • Babcmh08

    Love these movies

  • kat

    we cant be anymore gay then those who wait months and months for harry potter or any of the other movies to come i mean really people usually dont know about twilight if they speak that way it means they didnt see previous ones or understand it enough to get into it

  • Jdsteffen

    I dont think I will make it until November! The movie looks AMAZING in just the little bit we have seen! I just can not wait to see how both BD 1 and 2 come out, if they are as great as the book reads! So far, so good! Thank you Stephanie for your excellent storytelling! Now the long wait………

  • Abhi198812

    jst awesum jst luv it..

  • Normita

    OMG!!!! can't wait to see this in theater,,,

  • Irene Martinez18

    Well i am 46 years old and i love to read my books every time and go watch the movies and i have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse now can't wait for Dawn part 1 so yes tell them to go to Hell and to mind there own biss wax thats all i have to say.

  • Lisamguidry

    Love everything about twilight, the books the movies the cast! love Kristen, I'm a Twimom, have a daughter her age, wish everyone would give her her due, she's awesome, bad press Jesus, she has a mind of her own, leave her b, slot of the negative stuff is bcus of Rob, granted he's beautiful but so is she Kudos for team Bella, can't wait till Nov

  • Anna sanford

    i am 34 and me and my husben broth read the books we asklly fought over who got to read them frist and i saw the moves too there broth great but of course i love the books more and wish they had more time to put more in the moveis but understand they could not and they where still great and cant waite untill the next one

  • Sexymama2788

    I can't wait for the movie to come out, November is not coming out fast enough. The movie trailor is just what I think the movie should be. I hope it is close to the book because the book does not give the movie justice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LSFNIGMSTZNGOP2RHPD2NRJZ34 Jennifer

    i can't wait



  • Kiwee40

    Man can't wait & I'm 40 lol

  • Roxmysoxify

    it doesnt tell u much but im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!! tho i had some issues while re – reading the book – how are they going to show nessie being born? the sex scene, etc.? i mean, this is a movie that KIDS are gonna see! either way… I CANT WAIT!

  • Jerrywest75

    i dont know why alot of people hate the twilight movies, they are the best saga that has came out since titanic if you want my opinion, and no ones gay because the watch twilight, they are awsome movies….heres to you breaking dawn cant wait till opening night i will be on front row….

  • Redrose

    I cant wait until the movie braking dawn comes out it looks so cool. Twilight has become something that has really made me think about things and that is why I like it.

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