Child Stars, All Grown Up

Next Movie has a new gallery of child stars, all grown up, featuring a couple of gals you might recognize from The Twilight Saga.

Kristen Stewart
Well before she was Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart played the daughter of fellow former child star Jodie Foster in “Panic Room” (2002).

Dakota Fanning
It feels like Dakota Fanning was charming our tutus off in “Uptown Girls” just last week — but actually, it was eight years ago, and Fanning has since graduated from high school, donned her red contacts and psychically tortured vampires in “The Twilight Saga.”

See the full gallery here.

  • TaylorsWolfGirl4evr

    They're both incredible, beautiful actresses. I'd love to see what else lies ahead in their careers!!

  • AdeleLovesJake

    she had the most hideos hair in panic room :L

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