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We’ve already told you what we thought of the trailer in our podcast. Now we want you to Tell us anything and everything you want to about the brand new Breaking Dawn teaser trailer. I’ll post it below.

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  • team3dwardforever

    The trailer is awesomeeeee :D DDDDD i loveeeeee it so muchhhh icnt wait for movie its killing me da wait D:

  • Team Edward_Bella

    That was just the best trailer form all the twilighit trailers. I love it, it was perfect.

  • Staceybenge

    it was a great trailer and i just can't wait too see the movie…the antisipation is killing me…

  • Nikki5lynn

    i absolutely loved the trailer,really can't wait till the movie, if it is anything like the book it will be amazing.

  • Mrs Cullen

    he looks lovelier without the hair (if it's possible!!)

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