Friday Fan Favorites: Fariyal

Here is a selection of Fan Favorites from Fariyal! Enjoy! And submit pics for your own feature in Friday Fan Favorites to tips@team-twilight.com! Oh, and LOL on this first one. Love it!

  • TwilightForvever<3

    Love the lamb one :) <3

  • Tkinney


  • Charly

    edward is too sexy for his own good…lol

  • Scoobydoo4ever

    edward is to sexy i wish i was his bella

  • Sonyawardhania

    when u come to Indonesia Edward the cute vampire????

  • Rebecca round

    i love the photos they are good

  • Shedevil831

    Edward is fine but so is Jacob

  • Nyx

    AND HE KNOWS IT!!!! (SWOON!) ;-) ;-)

  • duraca♥

    kristian is so lucky … work with patterson !

  • Mrs.Lautner

    Taylor Lautnerbis soooooooooo sexy!!!!!

  • TeamRobWardSoJustDealWithIt

    HELL YEAH! There is no prettier hotter boy out there except my Robert Pattinson (; 
    Yum yum..! xoxo

  • Girl_emoooo

    i love it soooooooooo much

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