New Stills of Jackson Rathbone’s ‘Aim High’ in Entertainment Weekly

The actor (best known as Jasper in the Twilight films) plays a high schooler who moonlights as a U.S. spy on Aim High, Warner Bros.’ Web series produced by McG (Chuck) and premiering Aug. 1. ”It has elements of popular high school dramas,” says Rathbone, ”and then it’s got action.”

Aim High‘s also got Friday Night Lights‘ Aimee Teegarden, who plays Rathbone’s school crush. ”She’s fantastic,” he says. ”It wasn’t too difficult to play in love with Aimee.”

from Jackson Rathbone Online

  • Destinym2000

    omg hes so hot

  • Kathyburke125

    it looks very interesting…………nice to see the actors branching out into new things.

  • Loomer0

    looks like it will be good

  • Ihartjacksonrathbone

    Love Jackson -this will be amazing! <3

  • Shanmorency

    He is so HOT !!!!!! He has the most amazing eyes, and that hair.  Not to mention his body.  Alright I gotta stop I'm getting excited here. LOL

  • New Moon7257

    i love jackson rathbone
    i love mores

  • New Moon7257

    Ilove him so much

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