Saturday Survey: What will you do after Twilight ends?

The end is a ways off still (a year and a half) but it is in sight nonetheless. So what will you guys do with yourselves after the last new stuff comes out? No more books, no more movies! Answer our poll and if you don’t see your answer, tell us in the comments!

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  • Team_Alice28

    That is a hard list of options! I'm going to cry whilst simultaneously stabbing my eyes with a pencil!

  • Team Edward_Bella

    Go on with my life!! Read the books and watch the movies once in a while!!

  • Bob_lol34

    I'd just read the books now and then. Same with the movies. And continue to support all the actors of these famous movies.

  • Nancyencino

    HHMMM…….I would see all the movies and read the books when I could! I would totally still be Robsessed!!! <3 I would also talk and talk with my friends about the movies and books. But the worst of all! I would definitely cry my eyes out! Ask myself “Why?!?!”

  • One4metoluv

    In our family we watch movies forever, I've watched Top Gun over 400 times. (206 times the first year it was out!)  I've been watching the movies, I prolly won't start the books again until after BD Pt 1 (That will be the 7th time I've read them all)

  • lovergirl

    watch all the movies read all the books and never go on i love it to much

  • Hoytordmom75

    hope she decides to write another book

  • Random

    get really upset! go crazy! i am a huge twilight fan! watch all the movies over and over again! watch any movies with the cast in it!

  • Maryane94

    Id read the books and see the movies over and over and I will NEVER get tired.I'd also probably cry and get depressed for like 4 ever. :D D

  • Lady Tricx

    I will continue to read the books and wait till the box set of dvds and then buy that and watch the movies over and over again…its an awesome series that i wont think i can ever get sick of =)

  • pjne518

    I am so with you on that….

  • Tweety_373

    Watch the movies, read the books and hope that she decides to finish Midnight Sun

  • Sdonal04

    Definatly Cry, Cry, Cry, Continue to have O.C.D…Ive already lost count of how many times ive read the books..and watched the current movies….but that is what i will continue to do. Support the People in the movies and wait to see what they do next. i <3 Twilight!!

  • Tealia Carriere

    already got it all planned out. Hunger Games series. next big thing. :)

  • Priscilla_riley

    We have The Hunger games coming out will be grat and Devergnt (ever how you spell it) they are really great books so read on and made more movies for us

  • Angeleyes7377

    twilight saga rules

  • pjne518

    I would continue to read the books and watch the movies as always but I wouldn't have another movie to look forward to and that would just suck…. Life will go on and I will get over it:) I do hope she writes more books though. I want more…

  • Melody_h615

    well i'll start a new series no big deal happens all the time

  • Melody_h615

    well i'll start a new series no big deal happens all the time

  • Debbie

    is it the same author or different author?

  • Debbie

    Maybe “Midnight Sun” will be finished and then a movie made about that. (Edward's point of view)

  • Hotrodmom75

    id love to read one ab jacob and nessie

  • Santhaspeto

    twilight will live on  forever like  star wars

  • Beauty

    Im really hoping Stephanie Meyer makes another book about twilight one were we can one if the cullens and friends ever kill the Volturi ……I so would like to know that ending

  • Maria_fg01

    I bet i will also cry when the las movie comes out and its over

  • LLCQ


  • twihardBreakingDawn

    I promise to never forget the fun i had, the posters i collected, the the art i made for it, the laughs Ive shared with It, the research I've done about it and the obsession i will ALWAYS have with It! Because i love twilight don't mean Im a nerd! It means i know a good Book/Movie when i read/watch one! all you haters might like it if you try it because it's WAY more annoying when you go on and on about how much you hate it then us saying how much we like it!!
    my thoughts on twilight ending is… It will never end for me, it will be with me untell the day i die! And it will be with all the other people who share the same love for twilight like i do!


  • Millie

    I will really miss the cast and the story line. I hope Stephanie writes more engaging books that we can get into, it has been so much fun in my older age to enjoy what the younger people like.  That commonality is lovely, something we can all share.   Miss Millie

  • Jomalynpalacio

    Yeah, hope she does.
    Actually, I'd really looked forward on midnight sun and the others that might follow it. I still would love to know how edward thinks or what's going on his mind specially when bella does something unexpected. I'm really sad about it. :(

  • Dani_girl57

    Harass Stephanie M. to work on a mind blowing book that continues the saga.  Release date should be in 2013 with a movie following in 2015.  What do you think guys?  It can be done…lol.

  • Bankerchick

    OMG…I hate to even think about it ending!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V3UM4AQ6G46EISUOC64DVQSYOU Shirley Noble


  • Dar92451

    just hope that Stephanie realizes we need more books. Twilight can not end here…no way..there's too much more to be told…come on Stephanie…….Edward and Bella are waiting on you….!!!

  • Brandi

    LOL, I feel like the odd one out.  I'm gonna find something new to obsess over (*cough* The Hunger Games *cough*) but of course I'll always love Twilight.  I might not watch the movies as much, but I'll definitely reread the book over and over and over again!

  • BlackRat7414

    well im with Hoytordmom75, i hope she writes another book

  • BlackRat7414

    yeah the last one (breaking dawn) the way it ended left perfectly for a start of a new book

  • duracs

    read/watch twilight now and then … forever … cuz the days i spent reading the book … went the days so emotions on my live and had much meaning in my teenage days. made that my way of thinking changed. so .,..thanks meyer ..(l)

  • Kay

    hope and pray that the hour glass door series gets made into a movie as well, it is a VERY GOOD book. and should be a movie. read them people!!!!

  • Pink2906

    I would really love to read about Nessy and Jacob!

  • black_gurl_1965

    u r so rite

  • black_gurl_1965

    I've been reading the books n watching the movies i'm a lil late to the game but i love them all.I cannot wait for the movie my birthday is November.So that will be my birthday present to me.

  • Dragonangel69

    I will always read the books and watch the movies.. I do not think that any books or movies will ever come close to competing with the Twilight saga.. EVER!!! And Rober Pattison will always be my Edward :)

  • 816mishee

    I hope that Stephanie meyer decides to write other books similar to the twilight saga!

  • Elizabethfaye1314

    I'm so sad that it's ending. I don't want to read the last of the book because then I have to wait till november to see the movie. Which I wanna go see it the day it comes to theatre for my birthday (nov. 7 and breaking dawn nov. 13).
    Reading the books have always been more than just reading a book. For me it was like a getaway, I could imagine that I was somebody else, somebody beautiful and most of all a gorgeous gentleman who is obsessive over me. I can imagine I'm Bella, and when I stop reading which is rlly hard….I'm not anymore:(. But I will forever watch the movies and read the books, and hopefully Stephanie Meyer will cone up with something.
    I will always be a fan of the actors because they're all such wonderful actors and people.
    I believe Long Live the Twilight Saga! Haha :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GOT7J3JV2N6E3R5MX4VUFC2SK4 Shawn Thompson

    I thought the exact same thing. What about how nessy grows up and they learn about who she is? What about Jacob and nessy? Didnt jacob say he loves her for the rest of his life…first as a protector then a friend and eventually a companion..so what happens when the campanionship grows? will we have a baby thats half vamp half wolf? and most of all what about bella learning how to be a vampire and getting more experiend?

  • Skycat

    Watch them again and again, read again and again, find some new awesome love stories but they will not replace Twilight. In my mind I will imagine what the Cullens are doing now, they'll always be around as immortals. And have my own little family and take care of them!

  • Lou

    I thought she was going to bring out Edwards version of the first book?

  • Foxiety

    I so agree with you! The twilight saga has brought me so many fond memories! Absolutely love the series and it will forever be with me, including everything I have collected. Not one spot in my room is bare! Lol. I hope there will be more books to come. Even if they don't become movies it will keep the spirit of the world we love so much alive!! TEAM SWITZERLAND FOREVER!

  • Twilight Romantic

    When Twilight ends I will be so sad but hope that Midnight Sun will eventuate into a book and movie.

  • Jennielovestwilightx

    I JennielovesTwilightx promise never to forget about all the fun & laughs I had while reading, watching, playing & surfing up Twilight <3 Twilight will always be No.1 in my heart, & I may love other books (such as Vampire Academy <3 love that series to bits too <3) but Twilight will be special because those books in the series taught me how to ACT like I wanna, to SPEAK like I wanna, & how to MAKE BFFs like I wanna & how to LIVE I wanna! Yeah sure, I may love books like VA<3 (Vampire Acdemy<3) to bits & it's also 1 of my favorite books, but as long as I will live I slap-swear Twilight will be in my heart always & forever <3 That's a promise I will never break :P  
    MY MOTTO: To me it doesn't matter if you're TEAM EDWARD (just to say I'm TEAM EDWARD ) or TEAM JACOB (meh :/), as long as you're TEAM TWILIGHT (I'm TEAM TWILIGHT too ) you're a true fan/Twi-hard <3
    - JennieloveTwilightx <3 AKA Twilight's No.1 fan/ Twi-hard <3 <3 <3 
    P.S If Twilight finishes (it wont finish until ages cause didn't Steph say she WAS going to finish Midnight Sun? & isn't she going to make a movie on The Short 2nd Life Of Bree Tanner? & what of she DOES finish Midnight Sun? Won't she wanna make a movie on that too?) I will cry, cry, cry & I will watch Twilight until my hearts<3 content :)
    So many questions even thought (technically) the series is supposed to be wrapped up & done… But fans/Twi-hards like me will always want more of Bella, Edward & Twilight…. meh :/ here's a simple answer= Make, like a different series, called like Haze of something it's but still set in the same world & same characters (but maybe Steph can add new characters?), but different plot & a different narrator! & then, when that's done make a movie (or maybe movieS!) 
    L0L :) I'm just gonna cut it off here & say, when Twilight is done I'm gonna cry but I (eventually) will move on w/ my life ^.^

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