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When I first met Mackenzie, I knew she was special. What I didn’t understand was how badly she could kick my a$$. Let me explain.

I met Mackenzie in October, 2010 when some of the new cast flew into Baton Rouge for some make-up/wardrobe screen tests and to discuss our roles with director, Bill Condon. While we were there, we got an invitation from the producers for a dinner party. Imagine our surprise when we show up and see Rob, Kristen, Stephenie, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki and Jackson.

And Mackenzie.

Mackenzie and I bonded immediately. She has a lot in common with my wife – child actor (not anymore, obviously, but my wife was a child actor), a Scorpio, a martial artist and an ace student. And the ability to make me feel…very juvenile. I’ll explain.

It started with the hand slapping. You know that game where one person lays their hands on the other persons hands and the person whose hands are on the bottom tries to slap and the person whose hands are on the top tries to avoid getting slapped? Well of course I lost. Whether I was the slapper or the slappee. And I lost…a lot. It drove me insane. How can I lose this game to a 10 year old girl? Where is my age advantage?

So, I keep challenging her. Over and over. To the point that she would sigh every time she saw me coming for more. People are thinking I have lost my mind. We’re in between takes and I am running over to Mackenzie for a rematch. And losing. So, Mackenzie started feeling bad for me and introduced a new game – the staring game.

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  • Cynthia

    There is a Mackenize look a like in a Twilight Look a Like fundraiser at http://www.facebook.com/twilightrelea... in WA State.

  • Larien Nolatari

    She sounds awesome! Can't wait to watch her in 'Breaking Dawn'!

  • Viola3739

    is she gonna be Renesmee?

  • Georgina_twifan


  • Maryamtamrzian

    shes adorable she would make a perfuct renesmee

  • Twilover

    Shes going to need nice chocolate brown contact lenses because those eyes dont matcht the discription in the book…:)

  • Mgedenfield

    And the ringlets! Renessme has ringlets

  • Mgedenfield

    But she is so perfect for the part : )

  • Artgirl19


  • Kaitlyn Jabusch


  • Kaitlyn Jabusch


  • Emma <3

    But they look like Edwards eyes!

  • Chlo89

    they most likely put curlers in her hair they use the soft curlers on kids

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