Nicole Kidman Posts on Facebook About Working with Twilight’s Cameron Bright!

Cameron Bright worked with Nicole Kidman in the film Birth (2004)! Today Nicole posted about working with Cameron on her Official Facebook page!

Cameron Bright was just ten years old when he played Little Sean, the mysterious boy in Birth. But where is he now? Any Twihard can tell you that Cameron Bright plays Alec Volturi, the murderous vampire in The Twilight Saga films New Moon, Eclipseand Breaking Dawn.

Head over to Nicole’s Official Facebook page to read more!

  • Lyndsay

    he also played in “running scared” with paul walker!!

  • Chrisy_escamilla

    he was also in UltraViolet

  • QuietChaos86

    He was also in the 3rd X-Men film (sans the hair)

  • Ilyass_trad

    sun city

  • Abball1324

    he is also in the movie “Walled In”

  • Deeksha Nandan

    Wow! I Really Don't Know That. But It's Very Nice To Know. It's Really Amazing:)

  • http://twitter.com/GQGDVM80 G. G. Del Valle

    he is a cool actor i love him

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