Stephen Moyer compares ‘True Blood’ with ‘Twilight’

True Blood actor Stephen Moyer compares his series with Twilight, calling the film franchise fluffy. Here is what he had to say. Stephen is co-starring with Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) in the upcoming film The Caller.

GM: What do you make of the current vampire craze? It really shows no sign of abating.

SM: It doesn’t seem to be abating. It’s one of those unanswerable questions because when you think it’s one thing, it turns out to be another. … I think in the teen world, there’s a beautiful romance about that stuff. I believe this year the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart characters [in the "Twilight" saga] have a baby. It’s this perfect romance, this perfect ideal. Ours isn’t quite as fluffy as that … our characters and the way that Alan works is, as soon as a character has a semblance of happiness, he digs a hole for them to drive into.”

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