Interview with Twilight’s Makeup Artist Leslie Graham

Ever wonder who was responsible for some of the newborn’s vampy looks, or the wolf packs subtle makeup in Eclipse? Well we have the answer for you, it’s makeup artist Leslie Graham!  BellaSugar got the opportunity to spend 5 minutes with Leslie, who talked about her inspiration for creating these looks.

BellaSugar: You created some of the looks for the vampires in New Moon and Eclipse — who did you look after and what were the key products you used to create their looks?

Leslie Graham: For New Moon I was brought in to be a personal makeup artist for actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who played the role of Caius (one of the leaders of the Voluturi). For Eclipse I did the makeup for all of the Wolfpack [Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Chaske Spencer], Jodelle Ferland and some of the newborn vampires. On set I would take care of Dakota and the other Volturi. We did a lot of air-brushing using MAC Micronized Airbrushed Formula to give the “onion” skin tone. It has a little silicone in it, which works to keep the makeup in place as we were often working in the woods and in the rain — vampires in the rain can be quite difficult!

Bella: One of the key looks in the Twilight films is the perfect pale skin — how can we recreate this look without appearing washed out?

LG: I would say go with a colour two to three shades lighter than your own skin tone and apply it with a wide and flat synthetic foundation brush. Make sure you go right down your neck and over your ears and don’t make it too white or too grey — it shouldn’t be “death” makeup, it should be just enough to lighten your own skin tone. Try Revlon Colorstay in a buff, nude or ivory tone, again depending on your skin.

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Source : BellaSugar via Twlightish

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