EXTRA: Take the ‘True Blood’ Vs ‘Twilight’ Poll!

The people over at Extra put together this True Blood vs Twilight poll! Be sure to head HERE to cast your vote!

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Gosh, first “Twilight” verses “Harry Potter”, now this?? People should stop comparing “Twilight” and other things “similar” to it just for the heck of it. Like “Harry Potter”, “True Blood” is just COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from “Twilight.” They have different plots, different vampires, and different audiences, just to name a few!

  • Brandi

    Sorry, but True Blood gets my vote!

  • http://twitter.com/backstreetboys2 kakashi naruto

    twilightit helped me though a tough time in my life when my grandparnets died i felt like bella in new moon and i'm also a klutz like bella so me and her are almost like sisters

  • #1Twifan from Honduras

    Gosh, stop comparing. Twilight is Twilight. Harry Potter is Harry Potter. True Blood is True Blood and Vampire Diaries is Vampire Diaries.

  • http://twitter.com/AnyaYellow Anya

    it's an human thing to compare things with other stuff, it is just how we are; both stories are great, different, but similar in a way. I have to say that True Blood and Twilight have similar things, duh!, (vampires, werewolves, and love triangles), but the difference lies in the type of the love, one is more innocent, and the other filled with phisycal need.. oh well, they both have that! So it is normal they are compared.

    But, to be honest, Twilight and Harry Potter, have NOTHING in common, other than they are both amazing stories, the rest is just because people realize how much press they can get out from the comparisons.

  • Gyleches

    Physical need lol. That's a nice way to put some of the twisted sex scenes in True Blood.

  • Sia

    Twilight get's my vote. Sookie is too much of a whore and well Trueblood just tries way too hard. I do agree they should stop comparing things but COME ON THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !

  • Derbygirl4

    ooh please! I agree stop comparing! Twilight and True Blood are both favourites of mine but i dont watch them to compare, i just love how different they are! True Blood is a brilliant romp into how the supernatural as a whole 'could' fit into our reality and go as far to map out the pecking orders, Twilight is a more laid back less complicated ride and it depends where the mood takes youo as to which film you stick on .. (if you want comparison then Twilight is by far better written and thought out! True Blood has been writen so far away from the original books path that its not really anything but a visual trip. Charlaine Harris is now writing for the money/directors and doesnt seem to out any effort into her writing anymore…)

  • Angeljennings_80

    I agree and I'd also wish people would stop comparing the Vampire Diaries to Twilight!! So many people think that the Vampire Diaries books came out after Twilight did but when the Vampire Diaries came out over 20 years ago, I read them when I was 12 and I'm re-reading them and I'm 30 now. To me all 3 are way different from each other the only thing they have in common is the all have vampires and werewolves in them, I love all 3 of them!!

  • briannadelia

    If I may ask…how is Sookie a whore? :S Just because she's a grown woman who's been with more than one or two guys?

  • Obannonashly

    really she was with almost 5 guys but i do like the books and the show ;)

  • Obannonashly

    excepet the part of sex i just skip the paiges lol

  • Obannonashly

    its a tie to me :) altho i also do think that they should quit comparing others to them

  • kkyliss

    nah nah nah TWILIGHT IS JUST THE BESTTT twilight is way better, dont compare them cuz TWILIGHT IS SO GONNA WIN …….,)

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