Check out the 2011 Hallmark Bella, Edward & Jacob keepsake ornament

Many thanks to Lisa at TwilightersDream who got an exclusive first look at the Hallmark Eclipse ornament. Head over to her site to see more images! The ornament will be available in just a couple of weeks!

  • Claudine

    I know I'll probably end up getting this anyway but, I kinda think it looks horrible. Especailly Bella, What's going on with her neck? It could have been done way better. Hopefully maybe it looks better in person.

  • rb

    I agree…their faces are horrible in the above pic.  However, I saw the ornament posted on another blog and it looked much better in those pictures.  http://twilightersdream.blogsp

  • Mrs.Kellan.Lutz

    its horrible it looks nothing like them!!!

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    i do not like the way its made! it could it´ve been better! but the idea is great! (:

  • Kiralinkous27

    Bella and Edward certainly look ugly! This is not even profitable merchandise…i will go to Hallmark and see in person myself, but if it looks anything like this…theres no way in hell Im buyin.

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