Wedding photo shoot inspired by upcoming Breaking Dawn nuptials

Here is a stunning new photo shoot inspired by the upcoming wedding between Miss Bella Swan and Mr. Edward Cullen. You can see loads more photos (and get ideas for your own wedding!) here at Green Wedding Shoes. Skip below for details from the photog and stylist who set it all up.

Ok, all you Twilight fans! If you’ve seen the trailer for the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, you have seen some sneaks of the wedding between Bella + Edward. I LOVE the sneaks of the wedding – it looks like an amazing setting for a wedding. Well, Brienne (photographer) and Emilee (stylist) were also inspired by the upcoming wedding and decided to style a shoot around it – with a California twist along with some 1920′s art deco + vintage inspirations! I just love what they came up with. Not only is it beatuiful, there are some great ideas to steal for you brides planning right now. :)

Thanks @EliseOstermann

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    The veil is gorgeous! I want a veil like that for my wedding. And the bouquet is rather….interesting. :)

  • Aurinko

    The pics are beautiful and all but I don't see what this has to do with Breaking Dawn. Sure, Edward and Bella's names are there but other than that it could be any wedding. It's neither similar to the scenes we've seen in the trailer nor what was described in the book. If I'm going to the zoo to take a pic of a wolf, can I then say the shooting was inspired by Jacob Black? ;) For me this only looks like they're trying to make money out of the already-there and upcoming hype around Breaking Dawn.

  • http://twitter.com/AnyaYellow Anya

    I totally agree with you, and they even got the invitations wrong, like the names should be full-names, instead of “Bella Swan” it should be “Isabella Marie Swan”and such, the wedding invitation's font is also not very classic, they look, for me, very circus-like, so totally wrong for a wedding, and no offense, but it doesn't look fancy enough, just about cheap…

  • Tastefultatters

    The shoot wasn't supposed to “mirror” the book necessarily. We wanted to conceptualize the idea of their wedding and make it “do-able” in the real form for someone who maybe likes the style w/ some Twilight flair. We were not trying to predict what their actual wedding will be like in any way. Hope that helps clear things up =)

    Also, I made the veil – it is available for purchase here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77

  • Kim78

    I LOVE the bouquet!  My FAVORITE color is blue & it just STANDS OUT in those flowers!  I think the shoot is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Aurinko

    I get what you're saying and I don't try to be mean or anything. Like I've said, the pics are beautiful. But when you claim, that the shooting was INSPIRED by the BD wedding, shouldn't there be at least some similarities to the book or the movie? What you did there looks like a really nice outdoor / countryside wedding. And I'm sure that people who plan to have that kind of wedding might “steal” an idea or two from those pics. But you don't need to use Breaking Dawn to get your work acknowledged I'm sure.

  • Brienne Michelle

    Certain elements came directly from the book – the hanging flowers at the various locations, the art nouveau inspired details (since Edward was roughly marrying age in the WWI and post-WWI era), our “Bella's” ring is a replica, and even the name cards were tied to chess pieces to reference the cover of the Breaking Dawn book. But from there we took some liberties. The color scheme was also inspired by the book – the choice of sapphire blue came from the hair combs given to Bella by her parents that contained sapphire stones. We interpreted the shoot with a bit more of a southern California feel, opting for our own “forest” of oaks and incorporating the colors of the forest into the design. Emilee, my stylist, and I settled on slate greys, deep rich wood tones, forest inspired greens, ivories and creams, a few blacks, and of course, the POP of sapphire blue. The inspiration for the actual look of our models was taken from a Peggy Sirota shoot with Vanity Fair with the original Twilight cast. I loved the natural organic look and wanted to bring that softness to this shoot as well. Emilee worked her magic with the Tasteful Treasures vintage pieces and setup an absolutely magical location.The florist, Lindsay of Petalicious, added her own elements as well. “The bouquet came from our take on Edward and Bella in the Twilight movie saga. The handle of the bouquet represents the dark edginess of Edward but mixed with the soft white flowers, it brings us right to Bella making it pure and loving. We added the heart locket to the bouquet and a key charm to the boutonniere to represent the unlocking of everlasting love between Bella and Edward.” Hope that helps clear up how the shoot was INSPIRED by (not replicating) Breaking Dawn and re-interpreted in a way real current brides now can incorporate elements into their own real weddings. You can see more images by going to http://www.brienne.net/2011/07… .

  • team3dwardforever

    Awww ww i love da last foto wit da peices :)

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