Movies.com talks Twilight cast on Twitter

It’s no secret that we at Team-Twilight are big proponents of Twitter and the cast interaction it allows. A new article at Movies.com takes a look at the Twilight cast’s presence on Twitter. Check out what Laura (of Twilight Lexicon, who wrote the article had to say about who was the “Most Social on Social Media.”

“It happened just the other day. I was restless, twitchy, and unable to focus. I thought I was going to lose my mind because I needed my fix and it wasn’t there. No, I didn’t lose my Internet connection. I still had my iPhone. What was the problem? All I could see every time I refreshed my computer screen was what’s commonly known as the “Fail Whale”. Instead of seeing a cute little blue bird, I was looking at a whale smirking at me with the message, “Twitter is over capacity”. Yes my friends, my name is Laura, and I am a Twitter addict. I need to see what’s happening with my favorite news sites and actors hourly, and Twitter is how I do it. Sad but true: if I am deprived, I have a meltdown.”

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We just happened to post our updated Twitter cast and crew list, so check it out here.

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