Tinsel Korey & Kiowa Gordon will be appearing in La Push for Quilete Days Celebration

Looks like Tinsel Korey and Kiowa Gordon are heading back to La Push to support the Quilete Days celebration event!

According to the Forks Forum :

Quileute Nation Chairwoman Bonita Cleveland has announced that Native American Twilight film stars Kiowa Gordon and Tinsel Korey will be joining the Quileute Tribe for their upcoming Quileute Days Celebration set for Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17 at LaPush. A full schedule of events is to be released soon.

Tinsel Korey made an appearance at LaPush during the September 2009 Stephenie Meyer Day/Bella’s Birthday event. She is from Toronto, Canada and played Emily Young in the New Moon and Eclipse Twilight films. She has appeared in a number of other movies.

Kiowa Gordon is a Native American actor born in Berlin, Germany, who plays the character Embry Call in the film versions of author Stephenie Meyer’s books New Moon and Eclipse, according to the websitewww.twilightsage.com. Gordon’s profile reads: “In 2009, Gordon played shape-shifter Embry Call in New Moon, based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel of the same name. Gordon stated that Meyer approached him at her church as she thought he would be perfect for the wolf pack. He then attended an open casting call where he landed the role of Jacob Black’s best friend. He has now finished Eclipse, reprising his role as Embry. Kiowa replaced Krys Hyatt, who played Embry in Twilight. He has declared that he will reprise his role of Embry in Breaking Dawn.”

Source : Forks Forum via Twilight Lexicon



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