Chaske Spencer Interview in New York Smash

Chaske Spencer was interviewed by New York Smash where he talked about his Brooklyn  home and whether he hangs out with celebrities.

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This is Chaske Spencer. He plays the role of Sam, the deep-voiced leader of Twilight’s wolf pack. He’s tall, chiseled and has dark looks.

Oh, and yes, we did say Twilight — The Twilight Saga, aka: Stephanie Meyers’ book series-turned-movie series, with a cult following of screaming and stalking – not fans, but superfans. Many would argue that there are two kinds of celebrities today: regular celebs, and the celebs we are seriously obsessed with in Twilight.

Spencer is one of them. But at the end of the day, the alpha wolf ’s real-life lair is not in the Hollywood hills, or a swanky Manhattan apartment, but up the creaky steps of a classic Brooklyn (and charmingly grungy) Williamsburg walk-up.

Although there’s an action figure modeled after him sitting on a toy store shelf down the block, Spencer is shockingly humble and down-to-earth.

“This is the first time I’m living on my own,” Spencer says, walking past a few dozen stacks of classic rock CDs on a hallway table of his apartment. “No roommates, no dishes…”

He is a warm host, showing and telling of the many artifacts to be excavated in various corners around the house —- a large pile of sunglasses on one table, various books on another.

“Free clothes are awesome. Free sunglasses… are awesome,” he explains, after being asked of the perks associated with being a Twilight celebrity.

While most people have notes and magnets stuck on to their refrigerator door, Spencer has a family-stylephoto of he and his fellow cast members (also idolized by Twilight-obsessed fans) on his.

He catches us admiring the picture.

“I don’t hang out with celebrities, but I’m friends with everyone in the wolf pack,” Spencer says, peering at thepicture fondly.

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Source : New York Smash via Gossip Dance



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