Team-Twilight presents Jacob and Bella Speedpainting Twitter Giveaway

TEAM-TWILIGHT  is sponsoring an original Twilight painting giveaway with artist Ryan Novelline. You can watch a speed painting video of Ryan completing the work, which features Bella and Jacob. It’s SUPER cool to see. And I love the remixed song! Check out below the video how to enter!


1. Follow @rnovelline on Twitter. http://twitter.com/rnovelline
(Winner will be notified via private message.)
2. Tweet “#jacobella19 @rnovelline”
3. (Optional) For every contest code you retweet, you get +1 chance to win. No maximum number. In other words, more retweets = better odds.
Winner will be announced on Fri, Aug 5th


YOUTUBE – Comment on this video. Winner will be announced on this YouTube channel
Sat, Aug 6th  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCGMbZnyjMU

TUMBLR – Reblog this video. Winner will be announced on the above YouTube channel
Sun, Aug 7th

More Music by Or Nothing: http://listn.to/ornothing

  • TheTwilightSaga123

    if you put the contest code in 1 tweet lots of times does it count??

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I WANT THAT PAINTING. I loved the video and all, but why does everyone have to use “Supermassive Black Hole” with a Twilight-related video? Mmm, “Roslyn” is more my style, but whatever. I still love the video, painting, and music!

  • Leannebuckley87

    that was fab .. i want it … love the vid xxx

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    No you only need to put it in your tweet once. It won't count more if you put it in your single tweet more times. You can post the code once, but you can RT other code posts for more chances.

  • TheTwilightSaga123

    Ok im probably being really dumb but can you just post the code more than once instead of RT'ing other code posts?? Sorry :|

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    No, sorry, I said that in a very confusing way. You can only post the code once, but there are no limits on the RTs. You RT others' codes and they RT yours and increase your odds of winning.http://twitter.com/#!/search/jacobell… Each RT is considered its own entry, so if you RT 10, you have entered 10 times.

  • TheTwilightSaga123

    Ok thanks :)

  • Amanda0110

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  • Brandy

    love this print would love it even better if it was in my house! i love to draw but wish i was as good send it to me!   WINNING!

  • Ronnie5683


  • Kyalily

    ur right….. TEAN JACOB

  • Cassisismummy

    i hope this is where u put in for the painting of bella and jacob i so want to win one . so i hope i have enter corectly i guess only time will tell

  • Team Jacob

    Team Jacob all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly_wally_08

    i cant wait for breaking danw to come out here in knoxville .

  • britt

    I would love 2 win the painting of bella and jacob! i love watching paintings come 2 life by a wonderful artist!

  • http://twitter.com/wRiTiNg_PaSsIoN Paige Nelson

    The painting is amazing! If only it were the meadow shot of Edward and Bella…TEAM EDWARD!

  • bryanda

    Bella with Edward would have been better, Jacob and Bella not good

  • Mommie2lizzie

    This was TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I love this painting!! What a way to capture the that moment! :)

  • Mommie2lizzie

    That was TOTALLY AMAZING!!! What a way to capture that moment between bella and jacob. The remix of the song was awesome!! :)

  • epot

    amazing!! I love jacob more than edward. TEAM JACOB!!!

  • Elluux98

    amazing! <3 i really want that painting, i just love it <333

  • Taytay

    I would killlllll doe this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emkor


  • Dorreend

    Love thepicture my daughter is a number one fan of edward and bella and the whole cast, This would be a great addition to her room.

  • CJ

    Its beautiful!! TEAM JACOB!!!!!

  • Sootyandteddy

    emkor, think about your language even if you dont like someone.A real twilight fan has respect for all the actors.Ryan Novelline has worked his butt off.This amazing piece is a feast for my eyes.Greetings from England :)

  • Twiheart

    TEAM JACWARD!!! I love them bothh!!!!!

  • TheTwilightSaga123

    Is the competition open to all countries?   oh yh and TEAM EDWARD ;]

  • Lizbeth meza

    nooohohohoh i would of loved it way better if it was edward and bell but this kid's REALLY GOOD!! impressed ',:]

  • Michelle_Horstman


  • TheTwilightSaga123

    I have RT'ed so many other posts today that im not allowed to post anymore for a few hours LOL. I have tweeted around 420 codes. Hope I win *fingers crossed*

  • TheTwilightSaga123

    I'm team edward but its just so amazing that i had to enter.

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