HQ image of ‘Breaking Dawn’ poster given to fans at Comic Con

Here is a great quality image of a poster that was released at Comic Con for fans.  Click to make really big!

Via TodoTwilightSaga

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    OH MY FREAKING TWILIGHT. I love love LOVE this poster! I have to say that ALMOST everyone looks good. Carlisle's hair doesn't look too bad in this pic either. I can't wait for this movie!!! Get ready, theaters, cuz Breaking Dawn 1 is coming in with a bang!

  • Team_Alice28

    Ok so Jasper stole Carlisles scarves? Wtf do these director's think when sanding off the cast to make up? Even though I adore Alices hair like this, why the HELL didn't make up start in' new moon fixing the hair? Why wait until the last two movies? Everything looks great on film so far so I guess but it irks, I liked the way everyone looked in eclipse and I always say “if it ain't broke, don't fix it!”

  • Abdou Ronaldo

    i wating…….. for watching this best movie

  • Giddenswillaja

    i guess i like it, it look better thab the other pic

  • team3dwardforever

    i wannnnnt one
    :( ((((((((((((((

  • Sweetheart6048

    i think Carlisle's hair is like that cause of flashbacks in the movie…

  • EAMC1918

    I actually like what they have done with their hair this time around.. Jasper actually looks HOT again, they have FINALLY ditched Emmett's fringe – that was wrong on so many levels, and Alice's hair is FINALLY perfect !!! Took long enough… Although not a BIG fan of Carlisle's hair in this one. Just doesn't look right at all. Can't we go back to his Twilight hair??

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Ahhh, my BD calendar came in this afternoon. I love almost everything about it…besides Carlisle's hair and the fact that Bella's Mary Sue butt invaded my birth month. =/

  • Kim78

    This looks MUCH BETTER than the little cards they had with the quotes!  They're all pale the way they're supposed to be!  LOL!  The only thing I don't like is Carlisle's wig; it just doesn't look right, same thing with Rosalie's wig….they just look “off”.  Other than that, it ALL looks good!!!!!  CAN'T WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!!!

  • DemetriLover626

    Jasper looks so hot in this picture!!! Carlilse's bugs me! It looks so much like a wig! I loved his Twilight wig! Also Kirsten just plain bugs me! But I am love with Jazz! :)

  • BloodyKiss

    Is it just me or do the cullens look less pale and more “alive”?

  • Brg33063

    why is jacob there ? This story is about Edward and Bella starting there life together

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