Twilight Stars included in “Extra” 2011 Fall Movie Guide

Looks like the Twilight cast has a number of anticipated films that will be coming out this Fall!   Check them out:

“Abduction” 9/23/11

Who: Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Mario Bello; directed by John Singleton

What: A young man (Lautner) sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

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“Real Steel”  10/7/11

Who: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, Hope Davis; directed by Shawn Levy, Olga Fonda from Breaking Dawn

What: This boxing drama is set in the near-future where 2,000-pound humanoid robots do battle.

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“Anonymous” 10/28/11

Who: Rhys Ifans, Jamie Campbell Bower, David Thewlis, Vanessa Redgrave; directed by Roland Emmerich

What: Set against the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I — and the Essex Rebellion against her — this political thriller ponders on the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare’s plays.

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“Immortals” 11/11/11

Who: Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff, Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz; directed by Tarsem Singh

What: Greek warrior Theseus (Cavill) battles against imprisoned titans.

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” The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn” 11/18/11

Who: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner; directed by Bill Condon

What: The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

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Source : Extra




  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Breaking Dawn 1 is going to be the bomb-shniz! I wanna go to the midnight premiere and party rock the night away…as quietly as I can since you can't really be loud in movie theaters.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    *pauses BD trailer at 1:20* Hee hee hee….

  • Team Jacob

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait for Sept 23 and Nov 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cbittle

    Can't wait to see Taylor in Abduction!  This is his chance to break away from the pack!

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