Video: Taylor Lautner talks about his new wheels!

Taylor Lautner has bought a new car and he discusses it with Access Hollywood at the HFPA Luncheon yesterday.

Via Twilight Lexicon

In case you missed it, Taylor has recently purchased a brand new 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG worth $200,000. Not a bad toy, huh?

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Celebrities and their toys….
    That car looks so dangerous though. Up to 60 in less than 4 seconds! I would die if Taylor got in a car crash. =(

  • TaylorsWolfGirl4evr

    That car is so hot, I'd love to be sitting in the passenger seat with him driving x)
    He better be careful!!! I would die if anything happened to that gorgeous face of his!

  • WolfGirl4EVA


  • http://twitter.com/mimi42788 melisa prince

    i know exactly what you mean!!! xD  *swoon* so hottt!!!

  • Nancy

    It's only dangerous if you make it dangerous. Take it easy Taylor and you'll be fine. Nice ride kid!

  • Lalala

    Taylor, Nice ;)

  • Jcraig0026

    oh my fucking God Shut the fuck up He is obviously capable of taking care of himself. And obviously knows that none of you exist so please keep your dignity in tact and shut the fuck up.

  • Am&uh

    pshhhht thats not even a ten sec quarter mile. for that price he could go faster….

  • Boogy

    Waste of money, but dont get me wrong its a very nice car.

  • Katrine Tufteland

    Nice ride! Wouldn't mind having one of those! (and no,*shock*..  I'm not talking about Taylor)

  • Bforbingo

    sweet ride

  • Grubbyboychild1

    the guy spent $200,000 on a car and it's not even a Ferrari!!

  • Twilight mom

    Oh wow! Chill out, seriously. He doesn't know you exist either. Let these little girls swoon and drool! Geez. Don't stroke out over some comments he knows nothing about or cares about fit that matter. Does your mommy know you have a mouth like this?

  • http://twitter.com/ChelChelly Churnel Roberts

    sweet ride

  • TeamJasmett

    Woah there little lady, got any soap for that mouth?!?!?

    Dont be so inconsiderate to other fans, so what if they like to swoon and drool over someone who they admire. Anyway… what the hell has it got to do with you what other fans think & say?

    I dont think anything of other fans swooning, “Whatever floats your boat” I like to say… Im not a Taylor fan, but If I see a post with Rob on it, I will let my dirty mind do the talking…

    Now stop being rude and leave fans alone… a few naughty words does not make you cool… or hard, as we brits like to say ;)

  • TeamJasmett

    Nice car, but cumon $200.000… That could buy a pretty big house in america! (Not so much england)

  • Nighthawk107

    It was bound to happen after doing the scene where Edward throws him the keys to the other car in breaking dawn!!!!

  • ElizabethLautner

    man that's one sweet ride….yet, i wish i would be sitting next to him while he's driving his ride. as for the person who said the following….

    oh my fucking God Shut the fuck up He is obviously capable of taking care of himself. And obviously knows that none of you exist so please keep your dignity in tact and shut the fuck up. “well,  we won't shut the eff up nor you or anyone else who complains and bitch about why we drool over taylor well we can say and dream and drool and maybe even sigh. why do you care what we think or write or say. It's true taylor has no idea we exist or what we write about. but any girl can have the privilege to say what they want. every girl including myself want taylor and we all love him. so you need to get ur ish together and maybe just leave us girls alone with our dreams of having that one encounter with taylor. go read something else if you don't like what you read here.

  • Donnamiddleton

    serious you need to type words so vulgar?

  • Destani Star<3

    wow y do ppl have to be sooo rude these day geez

  • MatteaMaxey

    That car is SWEET, Mercedes ROCK

  • Destani Star<3

    whoever likes this obviousy doesnt care about what u say beacause in the end it will matter what u say

  • Taytaylovesrusty

    i could buy a big horse truck for that much! :O

  • Cwheelerusa

    Not bad at all

  • ang

    your so classy :)

  • XYZ

    What's the point of having a fast car if there's speed restrictions everywhere? what a waste.

  • Hasimoes

    His car is BEAST!!!!!!

  • Noni

    im srry with the fuck do u know that he pay not be looking at this commants or he may be but does it real matter taylor Laurent is still is going to be hott and sexy

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