Was ‘Eclipse’ robbed at the Teen Choice Awards? Take the poll!

The LA Times is currently holding a poll about whether The Twilight Saga: Eclipse should have taken home more awards at the Teen Choice Awards this last Sunday. We can’t let the Twi-haters boss us around! Head over and VOTE!!

In past years, “Twilight Saga” films always swept the Teen Choice Awards and “Eclipse” was the fave to lead the way again Sunday night, but it got –- well –- eclipsed in some top races.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″ pulled off a real magic trick by doing what the previous Potter pix couldn’t do –- that is, drive a stake into the award hopes of the trendy vampire flicks. According to the award pundits at Gold Derby, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was expected to win choice sci-fi/fantasy film; Robert Pattinson was supposed to win male hottie sci-fi fantasy actor and share the trophy for best lip lock with Kristen Stewart.

However, “Harry Potter” won the film prize; Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson won the smooch award; Justin Bieber was hailed as top hottie. Watson even beat Stewart for best sci-fi actress. “Twilight” did win the actor’s prize for sci-fi/fantasy fare, but it went to Pattinson’s studly rival Taylor Lautner.

Lesser “Twilight” stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene won the scene stealer categories, and Pattinson won a token consolation prize — choice vampire –- but otherwise there was little recognition for “Twilight” compared to previous years. Why? Is everybody just now caught up in hysteria over the release of the last “Harry Potter” film?


  • Isa

    This happened because the fans where sorry that twilight was getting all the awards and they decided to make Emma and Daniel happy  for a bit =P

  • Juliannakc

    Twilight was definitely not robbed. Dont get me wrong i love twilight……especially Jacob but there are movies better then twilight

  • Amandawatkins1978

    Hp has been around a long time and they have won alot but twlight deserved more dont hate on freedom of speech
    What u mean legacy its fantasy too
    And sone of what u say are unnecessary too and the passion shared on twlight stands taller than HP ever could

  • Marshmellow529

    It was the last Harry Potter movie so they deserved to win whatever awards they got. The HP movies have been going for 10 years and it ended. Twilight ends next year and they will win the awards then when its the final movie, there shouldn't be any competing between the 2 because they are 2 different types of movies. I love both series and can like them both for what they are.

  • Amandawatkins1978

    I love twlight but its what we want not what they think they should have won u wouldnt win anything if it wasn't for the votes so take what u got and try harder on the next one

  • Megan

    i think twilight should of won all of the awards that they were in i hate hp but i can understand that's it's the end of the franchise but still twilight could of won at least some more than they did

  • Naomirz19

    Hi, my name is Naomi, I'm new to this site, I'm a big fan of Twilight, and I'm Team Edward.

  • twilightfan14

    I like them both as well and some of you have a point.   Seriously, it's just the Teen Choice Awards.
    The teens voted and there you are.   The media are the ones that play up this “fight” between the HP fans and Twilight fans.   We should not “play” that game.  
    My only problem with it is this-wasn't the kiss between Emma and Daniel in Part 1?   Also, it wasn't a real kiss-it was in Ron's nightmare.   Now, if Emma and Rupert had won, that would make sense.
    But, I still would have voted all Eclipse, if I were a teen.

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  • http://twitter.com/heddgonzales Hedd Gonzales

    Don't compare HP7 from Twilight Saga. They are very different thing. There's no competition at all, okay? :)

  • Tay

    I'm a big fan if both but seriously awkward mumbling Kristen Stewart against amazing dramatic Emma Watson? Who do u think would win. And Harry potter was a phenOmenon wayyyyy before twilight and they have kept people interested fir ten years and twilight i's already starting to die down. So no. Eclipse wasn't robbed Harry potter deserved every award they got

  • Denise

    I think Twilight did not get ripped or whatever, its just, this year the movie Harry Potter deserved all the recognition for all its hard work and great films over the past 10 years. We are talking about one of the best movie franchise in history and I think it deserved every award and many more. Twilight is also one of the best franchise out there but Harry Potter is legend.. I'm sure when twilight releases its last movie, it will get all this “hype” but for now leave Harry Potter alone, its the Potter generation ending with a big bang. Just like twilight will one day. Now as for choice hottie, I do believe Taylor or Robert deserved that, but the people chose the bieber kid.

  • GUEST123


  • Sy

    Personally I feel compared to the books both the HP and Twilight movies are lacking. Now I am a die hard twi-fan but they just could have done SOOOO much more with the movies.

  • EdwardandBellaForever

    Ahhhh who cares let people think what they want to – this is the last Harry Potter film – it's already won the awards which means Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 will Dominate in the future 2 years…. and this is coming from a massive Twilight Fan who saw Eclipse 47 times alone in the theater, and watches one of the 3 released movies nightly – come on guys it's teenagers who are obsessed with TL, Bieber, and Emma – it's really not that surprising to me.

  • EdwardandBellaForever

    But in all honesty – yes they were screwed – this was set up this way with DH pt 2's release planned for this….Congrats to Rob, Kellan, and Ashley for their wins – they all deserved them :)   Team Twilight!!!!!!!!   Oh an btw for those that didn't vote – maybe you shouldn't leave it up to @twilighterotica to do all of the work all the freaking time – I do have a full time job you know!

  • Asheerj

    What do you mean “supposed to win”? Whats the point voting or watching an award show if twilight is “supposed to win” everything anyway? These shows are based on public preference and this year they preferred Harry Potter. Twi-hards are just sour because for once H.P is getting the recognition it deserves. Besides, H.P doesnt need lame awards. The love and passion of its millions of fans is more than enough of a attestation to its success =)

  • RP4Life

    HP probably swept the awards because it's a more recent release. Breaking Dawn is probably going to sweep them up next year. Besides, they're just teen awards and not really worth getting that worked up over.

  • Mdfe02

    Harry Potter deserves it!  An awsome saga, and I love Twilight!  But Justin Bieber?  Really dumb!!!!

  • NiteFairy69

    I love both Twilight and Harry Potter but HP came first and has paid their dues. The guysfrom HP are alot hotter. Especially Tom Felton.

  • http://twitter.com/Umairskhan UmAiR kHaN

    this the last HP  so they deserved it and twilight will definitely take all awards for breaking dawn 1 &2   
    so cheers ……

  • Emilyorchardrobson

    Yeah I like hp but I love twilight eclipse I'm a tweek a twilight freek I think it should have gotten more recognition!!!!!!Im angry twilight diddent get as much as we all wanted.

  • Flowerpot

    I agree with Lizzy above …. I've always enjoyed the HP movies and i got the box set of books for christmas (i'm only half way through Deathly Hallows at the moment so haven't seen either of these movies yet) but I think the final movie in the series was always going to win the award with the HP fans support the same as i expect Breaking Dawn will too …
    like you've all said people have grown up with these books and the fans want the final movie to get the recognition it deserves and so it got it ….
    i'm just glad that it wasn't the final HP movie up against the final Twilight movie cause that would have been a competition (that i'm fairly confident Twilight would have won) …

    Let Harry Potter have their moment cause Twilight still has 2 more movies to come which when it comes to awards they're going to sweep the board with both movies!!!

  • Breaking Dawn <3

    It was totally rigged because Harry potter is done. they did that to make the farwell thing look good.

  • Grubbyboychild1

    SEE!! This is why we needed BD to come out earlier!!! So you could win!!!

  • kel11

    well in a fan of both and I voted for both in the teen choice awards voting but for different things, if you are truly a fan of both you have to analyze both films and realize that n the deathly hallows part 1 their performances were amazing and they deserve to e recognized for that and the movie was amazing as well, and it just goes to show that someone did recognize that, I am a super fan of both but I have to admit that most of the harry potter movies are better than the twilight films, they even in my opinion stay closer to the books than that of the twilight movie to book adaptations.  I have grown up with Harry Potter and only have been in to twilight for a few years and I think that is the way most people feel.

  • Rachel W

    I'm a fan of both film series but Harry Potter totally deserved each award they won!
    People probs wont be happy wi my opinion but oh well cant please everyone :)

  • Zenpin_pinky

    i like this moveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Iluvdogs96

    I don't know what the big deal is. Twilight wins everything and most of the time does not deserve any of it. Harry Potter has been going strong for more than ten years, and it is actually a successful movie in more then one age group. Hello! It's one of the most successful movies of ALL TIME! So quit your whining Twilight, cause the TCAs were owned by The Boy Who Lived.

  • Chaos88_soccerbabe

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was much better than Eclipse and deserves all the awards it got and as much as i love the twilight saga i must say Harry Potter was better!!!!!

  • Alamisty224

    Thats bullshit twilight is so much better and kristen and rob have always had the better kiss and I love kristen so much better than emma but I guess u have to be a true twilight fan to know who should have won wait till breaking dawn comes out it will shove harry potter off the planet I gurantee it

  • Wendywharton21

    i thought this was a twilight page

  • Maureen Darlington

    Twilght is by far my fave but don't take anything away from HP, it's a great movie and they deserve recognition, however, i do think the timing of the film's releases must be taken into account, if BD was out now it would have been the winner, but can't we just love them both?

  • Growkandi

    Yes! The Twilight Saga is amazing! The best I've ever had the privliage of viewing! I love it!

  • Guest

    First off how many razzie awards was Twilight nomintated for and then think on how much HP was nominated for. Exactly HP has way better actors. I'm not hating because i like both series but HP deserved it. I think some of you are being cocky about Twilight winning even the cast seem pretty cocky to me because they know that they will win everything. And all the other movies are the ones that are being robbed since Twilight appeared because you have to be honest that some movies and actors deserve the awards that Twilight has taken.

  • Nightwishwolf999

    Whoever wrote this article is EXTREMELY biased towards the twilight saga. Watson DESERVES the award. The actress for Bella has almost the same expression throughout ALL the movies and ha a terrible twitch that was never described in the books once.

  • Deeksha Nandan

    Ok no 1 is against the twilight that they had robbed the most award in the “Teen Choice” Award but guys Harry Potter is Harry Potter, and this was the last movie of an extraordinary and magnificient movies series. From acting to action sequence, special effects, music, sounds each nd everything was just super-duper excellent. I luv Twilight Series but I luv Harry Potter too and Harry Potter deserve 2 win more awards this year, not because this was the last movie but because this was an amazing movie and an extraordinary contribution 2 the Hollywood Film Industry:)

  • Guest

    all you twi-hards and potterheads who are hopping on this “fan war” train are EMBARASSING! KNOCK IT OFF! Shame on all of you taking part in this stupid “fan war” that was very likely started by the media or by people who have nothing to do!

  • Really?!?!?!?!?!?

    Twilight is a more of a Fan movie then anything and that is why they usually win at smaller shows like the TCA or MTV video awards. However this year the fans chose Harry Potter. If you wanted Twilight to win then maybe you should have voted more and got others to do the same. I am sure that next year Twilight will win again, but seriously GET OVER IT. If you are a true fan of either franchise then whether or not it wins an award should make no difference. FYI in total Harry Potter has received 9 Academy Award Nominations and the Twilight Saga has yet to receive one. Think about that when you want to argue which movie in better overall.

  • Samantha<3

    i think HP covers more ages then the Twilight Saga. I mean, i know a 1st grader who has read HP but never heard of the Twilight Saga. I personally like twilight better then HP (a LOT better) but HP has been around longer and has more fans soo they probly deserved it…

  • someone you don't know:P

    wich movie is part of the movie is this??? I've seen the movie then thousand of times but I don't see that part!

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