Was ‘Eclipse’ robbed at the Teen Choice Awards? Take the poll!

The LA Times is currently holding a poll about whether The Twilight Saga: Eclipse should have taken home more awards at the Teen Choice Awards this last Sunday. We can’t let the Twi-haters boss us around! Head over and VOTE!!

In past years, “Twilight Saga” films always swept the Teen Choice Awards and “Eclipse” was the fave to lead the way again Sunday night, but it got –- well –- eclipsed in some top races.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″ pulled off a real magic trick by doing what the previous Potter pix couldn’t do –- that is, drive a stake into the award hopes of the trendy vampire flicks. According to the award pundits at Gold Derby, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was expected to win choice sci-fi/fantasy film; Robert Pattinson was supposed to win male hottie sci-fi fantasy actor and share the trophy for best lip lock with Kristen Stewart.

However, “Harry Potter” won the film prize; Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson won the smooch award; Justin Bieber was hailed as top hottie. Watson even beat Stewart for best sci-fi actress. “Twilight” did win the actor’s prize for sci-fi/fantasy fare, but it went to Pattinson’s studly rival Taylor Lautner.

Lesser “Twilight” stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene won the scene stealer categories, and Pattinson won a token consolation prize — choice vampire –- but otherwise there was little recognition for “Twilight” compared to previous years. Why? Is everybody just now caught up in hysteria over the release of the last “Harry Potter” film?


  • PCB

    well, HP deserved every single award they got

  • yourarguement isinvalid


  • Isunry

    Definitely not robbed. It just seems that the people at the TCAs finally realized that twilight isn't better than HP in any way. If anything twilight robbed other movies of the awards in previous years. Just because twilight didn't win every award like they usually do unfortunately doesn't mean they were robbed. If anything they were the thieves in previous years.


    okay then why are you on the team twilight page?

  • http://twitter.com/zettti786 Zetti

    HP has been around for a long time. Twilight is a good series but HP has got the hearts of many people and it is hard to beat. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • http://twitter.com/PixyJazz Jazz

    Harry Potter did deserve to win some awards.  Eclipse is good, but HP was around first and since it's ending, it's more popular at the moment.  Don't worry, Twi-psychos, your franchise will win again soon.  ;)   Just for the record, I do like both HP and Twilight, but I'm not a fanatic about it like some people are.

  • jv

    twilight was robbed!!!!!!

  • Twiheartfreak

    If ur a twilight hater, why are you on this site?

  • Baudelaire

    Sorry guys. HP deserved.

  • twilightrorcks

    I love twilight so BACK off twihatters im from boston you do NOT want to mess with a boston chick

  • Twiheartfreak

    GO TAYLOR!!!!!

  • Jonasluvr11

    they should have won more

  • Dean-elliott

    I really think Emma Watson is better actress than Kristen, so this was a fair award. And so it was Harry Potter final part. BEST FILM, no doubts. But best kiss should be Rob and Kristen. And best actor Robert Pattinson. In my opinion, of course.

  • sweetgra

    It was because the voting was limited to a limited age group.  Twi-moms couldn't vote due to over the age limit, and that is where a lot of the Twilight votes are now coming from.  Teens move on quickly to a new story, fad, or phase.  Where as an older generation tend to hang on to what they like.

  • Lbeardmore4

    stop commenting on here if you got nothing decent to say.

  • willowtree

    Nope they weren't robbed, at all. Don't get me wrong I like Twilight but come on Harry Potter deserved all those awards and just because Robert Pattinson and co. has won every year doesn't mean it's become a tradition.

  • Tracey

    u have got to be kidding Twilight desrves every award hell its better the hp by all means my daughter is a fan of twilight she has i do believe all the books & she deffetly has all the movies i have read the books & watched the movies & iam also a major big fan of twilight the only book i have not yet to reead is the 1 stephine has put on the interent for ppl to read i serio hop she finishes this book if i owned the books & movies i would watch over & over



  • aline

    I`m a big twilight fan and I`m always so excitet if someone of the cast wins an award. HP just has a kind of better movie. I don`t mean that the story is better. It`s more the quality andthe way of making (camera, cgi,..). The story is more for people in all ages and even for boys it is pretty popular. Twiligh is more for teen girls (god bless I am one of the crazy fans) and moms :)
    I think there is no better or worse. There`ll always be the fight between these two franchises. I mean if you look at all the award shows in the past few years, twilight always won a lot more awards than HP. And if we are serious, a tca isn`t the biggest honor ever and the people who are working there, they can fake everything. So don`t worry about this! Twilight will always be better for all of us. <3

  • selenacullen10

    deff not robbed cause they robbed harry potter at the MTV movie awards!!! i got so pissed!!

  • Mrsangelmarie

    ok you people are bs because twilight was and is sooooooo much better than hp all of those movies suck!!!! twilight is beast and it deff got robbed

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EE4ADMS2YTELM3AVZXXMJXKMLQ Becky Cates

    Well because Harry Potter finally came out.  We've all been waiting for it and for the fact that we still two more movies coming out.  Just you wait for the two final chapters of movies and it will be just like Harry Potter….I am waiting for them to make Vampire Diaries movie but I am not going to hold my breath for that.

  • twilight fan-team edward

    twilight deserve to win every award!!
    HP dont deserve any award!!!

  • sherry

    what the fuck? seriously? just because for once harry potter won the stupid twilight people are crying? seriously? iam a harry potter and twilight fan but its finally for once harry potter was able to beat twilight. twilight always wins and for once harry potter wins all the twilight fans cry? come on remember harry potter have been around for almost 20 years and twilight barely 10 so who gets the better vote harry potter

  • http://profiles.google.com/theresnoeggs nicole M

    HP Definitely deserved the win. I am a huge fan of both, huge. But you need to remember, this was the very last HP movie. Twilight has overcome all award shows in recent years, must fellow fans really behave this selfishly?

  • guest

    no it was not twilight always win so dont cry

  • hossam rkwdvs

    agreee with you

  • Hil1jess

    YESSS it was so robbed.

  • aline099

    come on! It`s just an other award show. If HP wins more, it doesn`t mean that it is better. I mean HP even wins oscars…

  • Chris hawk

    twilight usally does get the most awards. hopefully if breaking dawn does the best it will recieve the awards it deserves.

  • Katelynraposa

    i loveeee both series. but its kinda weird that theyre making such a big deal about not getting that many awards. i mean harry potter beat twilight fair and square. they should just accept that and not cry about like morons

  • Dean-elliott

    It's unbeliveble Kristen wins against Emma Watson… but, what can we do? I love Kristen, don't get me wrong, but as an actress, Emma is espectacular…

  • Lizzy

    Harry Potter most definitely deserved to win the awards that they had won. It was finally recognized, after all these years, for it's magnificent story, plot, theme, actors/actresses, and most importantly, it's legacy. And honestly, the previous Harry Potter films were just as amazing as the last one. I like the Twilight saga, but this year, “eclipse” was not robbed of something they did not deserve. As for the acting, it was right for Emma Watson to win the award over Kristen Stewart. Watson is a breathtaking actress and should be well recognized for her 10 years of work in the Harry Potter movies. Whoever runs this page, take the loss like a man and stop trying to make it seem like it was HP7 part 2's fault. Be grateful that you even won anything. Like I said, I have nothing against The Twilight Saga (I like the books/movies), but this post was a little rude and unnecessary.

  • DAN

    * unbelievable

  • sherry

    thank you thats what i say finally someone agrees with me


    I HATE YOU! Harry Potter Deserved all the awards it got! just because your too stupid to like Harry Potter doesnt mean you have to hate it! my bff never read twilight and she doesnt hate it! i love both movies. but just because of your post im LOVING Harry Potter 10 times more than twilight just to annoy you. so SHUT UP! No one wants to hear your back talk or your hating on Harry Potter! HARRY POTTER FOREVER!!!

  • Michelle

    HP deserved all of their wins by far. And FYI: It is possible to be a fan of both movies. Appreciating HP doesn't make you a “Twi-hater.” That's quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

  • http://twitter.com/MaoP01 MaoP01

    Im agree with this article, Eclipse was supposed to win all of those awards… Is incredible , I have 3 mails and I suscribe in the web of TCA and vote every single day for Eclipse, and when I heard that HP won, I was like… What?? It cant be true. I lost my desire, I never gonna be part of TCA again That was Fraud


    HARRY POTTER IS 2ND BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD!!!! TWILIGHT HASNT EVEN FINISHED THE SERIES!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! im not a twilight hater but I dont think they deserved any of the awards harry potter got! Harry Potter just came out so of course its getting awards! and harry potter is gunna keep getting awards! LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Ravenfanallday Tee Tee

    LMAOO people they had to do something to stop twilight from taking over yet another award show, it was their last chance before BD comes out to give the little guys a chance because we ALL know even the potter lovers know after BD comes out they might as well not even have an awards show just mail the awards to the twilight cast. TEAMTWILIGHT!!

  • Nancy Collina

    I think that HP took so many awards because it's their final installment and people were sad to see it go. I'm a huge fan of both The Twilight Saga and HP. I think both casts are awsome and they all deserve what they get. I also predict that next year Twilight will again sweep everything.

  • Lori

    There is so much hilarity in these comments.

    Thank you for making my day.

  • Nonyabidness

    Maybe because IT WAS THE LAST ONE. Harry deserved to go out with a bang like that. It was the end of a 10 year run, they deserved it. I la la love Twilight but Harry Potter deserved these. All of them

  • OtakuFun

    Honestly, when Twilight first came out I became a Twihard fan, but even before that I was HP obsessed. I thought for a while that Twilight was better than Harry Potter but then I realized, I couldn't stand listening to the same thing over and over again.  Harry Potter I believe has more of story plot and a build up, a continuing story.  While Twilight really could've just ended at the end of each book(not that I'd want it to).  HP deserved every single award it gets, even for about 20 years in the book franchise and 10 in the movie, it still proves to captivate all sorts of different people.

  • darkdream

    I don't see why people are complaining. Eclipse won all the awards at the VMAs. Harry Potter deserved it because it was the last one. Twihards should be glad that now there is no competition for now. It has two years till it's over. It can win all the awards it wants.

  • darkdream

    oops i meant movie awards

  • OtakuFun

    honestly, I love twilight but tell me in aspects of visual effects, HP wins, in the aspect of story line HP wins, I love both movies, I was a hardcore of both, but I find that Harry Potter has more realism to it, while Twilight reminds me of just about any other romance movie out there.  Don't dis HP, we stayed quiet while Twilight won awards, and yet you guys post this rude article when HP win.

  • RandJ54

    This argument is hilarious

  • Meli_nov26_nirvana

    I love twilight but Harry potter deserve it is the last movie and to be honest we all know they will make the same at the last twilight

  • WhoaThereJethro

    I don't think the makers of the site were trying to make it like HP7 stole anything. They post anything in relation to Twilight. If you want to get angry at people making something out of nothing, go to the LA Times and all these other media outlets who fuel this unnecessary “competition” in the first place.

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