New Twilight Spoof from Edward’s Meadow

The folks at Edward’s Meadow have created a new Twilight: Eclipse spoof!

YouTube Preview Image

Source: EdwardMeadow via TwilightLexicon

  • Lisseth280889

    uh, why does edward look like justin bieber???

  • Pennington Ashton22

    I don't get this Edward deffinetly does not look like that, that's freakin rediculous!!!!!

  • Hlloyd41

    i hate this video i am not going to wich it know more!!!

  • E&B

    Oh, cut them a break they are like 13. I think it was creative and they obviously put a lot of effort into it. Some parts were even pretty funny.

  • Jc Laureta

    i love this Video!

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