Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Hugging at Her Concert on 08/28/11

Is  Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift going Back to December? If you guys remember before, this photo of the Taylors was taken during Taylor Swifts Fearless Tour:

And they hugged some more during Taylor Swift’s concert in Los Angeles, CA on 08/28/11. Ashley Greene was also at the concert!

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift hugging it out

Taylor and Ashley in the audience
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Source: Team Taylor Lautner and The Vampire Club

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    D'aww, he went to her concert! Taylor is so sweet! I love him! <3
    Did he attend this concert before or after his VMAs appearance?

  • SamanthaG

    He and several others went to her concert after the VMAs.  He was with his manager and like TS said, they are just friends.

  • Kim78

    AWWW!!  That is SO CUTE!!!  They SURE ARE holding eachother in a TIGHT embrace, to the point to where T.L.'s fingers are clenching her side…they look ADORABLE together….it's too bad they can't go back to December…

  • ElizabethLautner

    fuck taylor swift…hope Tay tay never gets his heart broken again by her…and i will never accept the fact that they are a couple…

  • Alwayssupergirl

    Seriously….? Can't a guy and girl hug without any speculation? -.- Media, I know you're desperate, but COME ON NOW.

  • No Name

    Who cares if they are or arent together..is it really any of our business anyway.

  • Bianca

    i don't particularly like swift…but u can tell the really wanted o hug. look how close they are. a friend of mine here in nashville is one of her bodyguards and said that taylor was the nicest guy she ever dated. And that she just kinda left him in the dust. but…that they seemed to be friends..and i guess so

  • Mearl25

    ,.,taylor vs. taylor??its juSt a hug pEopLe,.,bUt aNyWay dEy wUd bE niCe CoupLe,.

  • Smantha5732

    I love it! I am glad they are back together! I hope they are happy!

  • JenAmes

    I was there at the concert and saw first hand the big hug and can I just tell you all that Colby Calliat was there too and Taylor got down from the tree and gave each and every one of those people a hug.  Her and Taylor's hug didn't last any longer or look any tighter than any of the other one's she gave everyone else that she seemed to know.  If they are back together then good for them, don't they deserve to be happy?

  • Alexiscambri

    AWWWWW… They are SO cute together!!!! And for all you jealous haters.. GetTheF*uck!!!!!

  • Guest

    He prolly hit that after the show ;-)

  • Guest

    I completely agree with you! I think it's funny how the Media turns everything around! I am surprised they are not saying Lautner and Greene are dating since they went to the concert together! I believe a guy and a girl can just be friends and give a hug without being a couple! Move on!!!!

  • Guest

    I hate it when people dont't exept when celebrities are in a relationship. They are people too.

  • http://twitter.com/_VictoriaBlack Victoria Black


  • misslady

    I think it shouldn't be new news that the media turns everything around and jumps on every little story like it might be something..
    maybe we are old enough to decide for ourselves if we think something is true or isn't?

  • Neodoc36

    Get yur hands off of hin!

  • Kparkerjunk

    if they get together or not idc but why was taylor singing a colbie caillet song? lol

  • RFry58

    Come on for real? Are you suggesting they are getting back together?

  • rroy

    That picture of Taylor in the blue dress is not from the 8/28 concert. I believe it's the one he went to in Chicago back in '09 or early '10- still adorable though.

  • Joshuatree1780

    That picture of TS in the blue dress is not from the 8/28 concert. I believe it's from the one TL went to in Chicago back in '09 or early '10- still adorable though.

  • Saralover01

    Maybe this hug is either I miss u and want you. Back or just your a good friend and I'm glad to have you as one but it doesn't. Matter I'm sure everyone besides the taylors do it all the time

  • I♥twilight

    Interesting how TS just passed by Ashley G without giving her a hug….just a simple acknowledgement…she hugged everybody else in line, though. :- /

  • Farouk


  • ElizabethLautner

    so why should you care if i can't accept the fact that he oneday may get married have kids of his own….i will never accept that i'll always continue to see him as a single hot guy who has alot going for him…..

  • ElizabethLautner

    could be true who knows i'm not there to see who he fucks him….

  • ElizabethLautner


  • ElizabethLautner

    ugh! i hate this picture…..

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    If you really loved Tay-Tay, you would accept whatever choices he makes…even when they are with stupid people. Just saying.

  • Tayrocks

    I seriously want him. Like no doubt. He's the most amazingest person ever<3

  • Cherrie

    i really hope they're going out again. they were the cutest couple :) )

  • Alesha Shanks

    nawww i think they should they were so cuute …

  • http://twitter.com/wingschick1 Amanda Everts

    I think that Nikki Reed is right next to Ashley. I love this song!!

  • Annoyed

    Seriously? What are you…12? Grow up and learn English so every other word you say isn't a curse word. Remember, cursing is just the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate.

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