Team-Twilight Exclusive: BooBoo Stewart talks Breaking Dawn & Seth Clearwater

This last weekend we had the opportunity to chat with Mr. BooBoo Stewart at TwiTour Cincinnati. You may know him as Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga, but that’s not all he’s got going on. We did talk with him about Breaking Dawn, but also about his other upcoming projects. BooBoo is as humble and sweet as they come in Hollywood.  The interview is divided up into a few videos for easy viewing. Please check it out!

BooBoo on Breaking Dawn, Seth Clearwater, and the new cast:
YouTube Preview Image

BooBoo on charity work, his music, and family:
YouTube Preview Image

BooBoo on his upcoming (non-Twilight) projects
YouTube Preview Image

BooBoo on his other aspirations
YouTube Preview Image

  • Mlsproductions

    He's so nice. I got to meet him at a twilight convention too and we were talking for awhile-about the random-est things-because no one else was there

  • reinz21

    i love booboo stewart!!!!!<3

  • Hwestbrook123

    Seth clearwater is hot

  • Emma Carlson18

    he is sooooooooo cute 

  • Bella

    Go “like” his page at “The Real Booboo Stewart”. He's trying to get 10,000 fans by Monday and he's almost there!
    He seems like such a nice kid. Not too hard on the eyes either. ;)

  • Symiah

    ssoo lucky I was at comic con this year and i got a muffin from ashley greene and nikki reed i also met robert once it was amazing meeting him *dies*

  • Rubyangeles2114

    is he and kristen are relatives??

  • Sharon Fincher150

    he is just toooo cute, just way to young, damn it sure makes me wish I was young again…lol

  • NaomiRz19

    I love Booboo Stewart, he's soo hot! :)

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    No relation, just coincidence!

  • Bella

    Now he's trying to get 20,000 by December 1st!!  Keep on “liking”  ;)

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