James Dean Inspired Robert Pattinson Art

Check out this great James Dean inspired Rob art. The similarities are uncanny! What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

From the artist, georgechamoun:

“I chose to work with movie icons from two different eras. This project has been a lot about ideals, patterns and anatomy. I named the project Iconatomy from the words “icon” and “anatomy.”

CLICK HERE to see more works and find out more about the artist!

Source: Robstenation Via: Spunk-Ransom

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt


    …LOL, Kristen in Zathura. “Fascinating!”

  • BeckyBoo71113

    wow !!!!!!! X

  • Ages72

    I have always thought they looked similar!

  • Tobyntaylorsmom


  • Heatherdaves

    team jacob and that looks like he is as a loser as everyone says

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2EVJNUTTWCDH6RZZWIVFSKPN6I Bonnie

    very close in likeness COOL!! I wish I have thought of it!!!

  • Delptaylor

    It looks like one person, just part of it is in black and white and the other is color. AMAZING! :)

  • Grammyb54

    He sure looks like James Dean here…

  • Cege1977

    Cool.   He is a HOTTIE, AND HAS A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR. sorry about the caps, didn't realize I hit the button.

  • Therocky67

    Look Edward his whit bella so there is non More teams .they Will be maried .

  • Snmfletcher


  • Photofantauzzi aka Felicia F.

    This is very unique very artistic! The art in art is very suprising .. with technology and know how. I love this!

  • GUEST023

    I've never thought James Dean & RP looked similar. Just because someone put Dean's nose on Patt's face doesn't mean they look similar here at all. I actually think doing the mashup of such a GREAT actor with RP is disgusting. DISLIKE.

  • Galindo5rwe

    Still LOVE him….

  • Yogi_hall

    Team Edward <3 <3

  • Shelby

    no need to be a hater art is art no matter if you like it or not….if you think he is a loser then why even waist your time commenting seems to me like your the loser who has nothing better to do then be a hater because you cant and will never be anything but a loser

  • Mini Mcgowan

    it is eerily strange but awesome

  • Lmarieparks

    That's a trip…I know that took imagination!

  • lisadee

    i believe i like it very much. it has that air of mystery about it, like…is it or isnt it…

  • Carol G Smith

    Amazing, it really is a fantastic artistic piece of art!

  • Annie

    Fair play, that's lush and really cool.

  • Mchauvin45

    Have always compared his allure to that of James Dean!  I admire RP in all of his movies and music too!  He is so talented as his young age and I look forward to his work as he continues to craft his skill and mature!!!

  • jacksonsmonkey

    i agree with you Shelby, some people just dont have a filter when it comes to commenting on things…..plus it just shows the age of some …

  • Vzlanbutterfly

    very cool! what an amazing work! love it!

  • jacksonsmonkey

    i think that James Franco looks more like James Dean ,,,but i do like the way the pic is put together ,,,,very nice

  • Robertsstefanie

    that's a little mean don't u think? everyone has there opinions to which they are entitled and that doesn't mean that everyone else has to agree with those opinions.  for instance, i feel that the art is really cool, but i am not one of those people who is in love with rob or taylor, for i feel that taylor has a big nose and well, rob just isn't my type.  but that's my opinion.  so let's not be so hasty in writing our replies because they are just opinions after all people.  :)  i say this with love btw please don't hate me too!

  • Janeystraugh

    Yeah I never really thoought of that.  When I was younger I used to have posters of 'James Dean' all over the walls in my bedroom.  And here I am also liking Robert Pattinson.  How uncanny.  Appreciate the art although I would have to see a side pic of both of them together before I could decide whether there are similarities, but who ever thought of this is very clever.

  • Mel

    This is brilliant… My two fave actors together as 1….i love it!!!!

  • Debbiewilding

    He is NO James Dean!!!

  • ermajo

    Though James Dean was very good, I think Rob is much better.  We do not know what James would have done as time went on but I think Rob can play almost any character and make you believe he is that particular character.

  • Mstottlemyer27

    shut up! cause im pretty sure he makes more money than u do! so whos the loser now….dont be jealous….its an ugly color!

  • Brendavillanueva13

    Amazing!!!!!:D looks like it's the same person…

  • Killer_pixie_748

    I love love love this…very nice work

  • Shahinu

    James Dean was James Dean, You can compare it with Robert Pattinson. He is nothing when compared to James.

  • Dmartinfisher

    Actually…they look a lot a like…especially when RP is in character as Edward..there is a scene in Twilight when he is starring across the parking lot at Bella (I think its right before he rescues her from the van crushing her) his demeaner and stance and look is James Dean to a T…I thought that the first time I saw it and I have since seen comments from some older viewers who'd b really familiar with JD that have said the same thing!

  • Buffygurl

    he should be in a remake movie that james dean stared in.

  • Ghostkids

    Rp is sexy. James dean was sexy. Put them to herbert and get the best of both eras.

  • Ghostkids

    Put them together**

  • Beckyholland1956

    I told my daughter when I first saw him that he had that James Dean thing going for him.

  • Ann Jackson

    From the beginning, I always thought Rob had a James Dean-esque look about him. I thought he look like a cross between James & Montgomery Cliff (you younguns ought to check them out). I'm showing my age! LOL! Looks like I'm not the only one here tho. I wouldn't mind seeing Rob do something as either of them. I heard he was considering playing Kurt Cobain. Bad choice. He doesn't look like Kurt. Now David Garrett (violinist) could play Kurt. You ought to check HIM out. He brings new meaning to the word 'gorgeous' and is absolutely mouth watering.

  • Sugarkanej

    Um, I have no prob with Rob, but let's not do this comparison please. 1/2 of the people reading this are probably asking, “who is James Dean?”

  • Kim78

    OH EM GEE!!!  It looks AWESOME!!!!  I ALWAYS thought he looked like a cross between James Dean & a young Elvis Presley, which is funny because I think Kristen looks like a young Priscilla Presley on the cover of W Magazine that she did last month.

  • Mandycross70

    James Dean is way sexier than RP..  JD has been my idol for 25 years so RP doesn't do it for me sorry but nice try

  • Hhop53

    looks like franco more than james dean.

  • Mwalsh

    The only reason they could be said to look alike is that someone said so and a degree of confusion sets in with the color /tonal divisions which obfuscates the differences which are great:

  • Carolina_igs

    James Franco is ten times more resemblant to James Dean than Pattison.

  • Pixiejo

    I love Rob, hes v talented, good looking & British. This pic is very good – a very creative artist but 'Im affraid that no matter how incredibly sexy Rob is, I just dont see him looking much like the GOD that is James Dean. Many a man can wear an battered leather jacket, faded Levis, a tatty t-shirt, RayBans & smoke a fag, but that doesn't mean they look like James Dean…Mind you I still wouldnt say no to Rob lol

  • SeralynsMom929

    Courtney Love has to aprove all things Kurt Cobain. he'd never be able to play him even if he wanted to which exactly what that is just a rumor. she'd never approve anyone to play Kurt she's to selfish and self-centered when it comes to that.

  • Sdegross1

    LOL, you are exactly right. They have probably googled him to even see what he looks like.

  • tabby:)

    i've always thought that james dean looks more like james franco.. they are very similar!

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