New Breaking Dawn Part 1 still features Bella and Edward

Thanks to Premiere Magazine (France) we have a new still from Breaking Dawn. We’ll post it again when we get better quality, but in the meantime, enjoy what appears to be newlywed bliss.

Source: RPLife

  • someone you don't know:P

    soooooooooo sweet!!! I love it!!!

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Why can't November hurry up?!?!

  • Mr.cool

    watched all three in a row frm back 2 back

  • Kunteries

    This is the best still so far :0)

  • TwilightLover <3

    Sweet <3<3

  • team3dwardforever

    omg!!!!!! i want it to come out alredy :( im dyinggg! i misss edward D;

  • Team Edward 4ever

    That got my heart-beat raising!!

  • Dianebujnowski

    This was the best series and am so looking forward to the new adventures of Bella and Edward.  Great job on the cast and crew!  Love it

  • Virginia Vincent18

    l love this!!! Can't wait till November!!! Read all the books also!!!

  • Dianebujnowski

    Ditto. Couldn't get enough of it

  • ^^

    this pic its soo cutee!!! ^^

  • Marf_maja123

    i   hope u have a part2 to ur movie

  • http://twitter.com/SweetRegy ツ✿Regina→CuteGirl✿ツ

    quiero ver esa peli!!!!! hahahaha amo esa saga! amo a edward y a jacob!! :D

  • Momof22011

    i know im so ready for november to be here im counting dwn the days lol!!

  • Traybo13

    I like Jacob

  • Traybo13


  • TwilightObsessed!!! <3

    I think the still of Rosalie and Jacob is the best !!!! Only because I like the parts where they argue in the book !!!! Definitely Team Edward all the way !!!!!!! :)

  • team edward no matter what

    i no right

  • Traybo13

    Yea I kno right

  • Edward,Jacob,Damon..STEFAN :)

    MAN!!!! Y is november not here?? they look soo happy soo cute sooo Renesmee can't wait to see my girl in action :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Julien-Olympio/532360790 William Julien Olympio

    What is that? The morning after the hot night when Edward made eggs for Bella? Was it eggs and bacon?? I have to read that book again,,,

  • OneLuv

    I just finished reading Breaking Dawn yet again! The first 8 times I was married, this time my boo passed away, and still the love story is so…hmmmm

  • hm925

    when do tickets go on sale????? cant wait for november 17th!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliodhna Porter

    They are so cute together, I can't wait for novemeber 18th :)

  • Crystal_20032006

    cant wait im excited

  • Allison

    71 days, 3 hours and 15 minutes left.

  • nan

    Just eggs.

  • Supergirl202011

    go team  edware

  • Readwritehope98

    Ahh hurry the fuck up november! We're waiting!

  • Keelingcalah

    omg i can NOT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT!!!!!! =)

  • Amanda

    I can't wait!!! These little things tide me over until November but it can't come soon enough

  • Ashley Nicole

    just eggs. an omlet.

  • Raghavendra bhat

    i am counting from months

  • Mindovermadness

    Nov. 18th? now there's a birthday present

  • Amanda

    I cannot wait to see the movie I am gonnna like watch it a billiion of times

  • Felecia_reid

    My fav parts to

  • brittany

    hope stephanie myer finishes writing moonlight sun! (the 5th book she started)  and they make a movie out of it! that would be so amazing! i don't want the movies or books to end.

  • cr@zyg@l

    i totally agree wit u i jus cant wait for d movie its gonna be awesome

  • Miller Monica41

    i love this movie i   cant wait till november  18 and i love edwad  cullen 2 when the serious end  ima cry  and i still  wanna c edward cullen 12345678987654321 times alot right

  • Famforever4

    Cant wait, I'm so excited!

  • Mileyraycyrus

    In the pic it looks like he has boobs, that sag. Where she's grabbing his shirt is where they are Haha. Can't wait though!

  • Katrina-marie

    When does the next movie come out

  • Aileen

    Renesmee and Jacob story should be next Cuz he has to wait a long time 4 her to growUp To be with her n all…I need Moreeee…

  • Juneellison33

    If you go to her website stepheniemeyer.com you can read her Midnight Sun transcript, I will warn you it is 239 pages long. It is twlight from Edward's point of view. I have read the whole thing and it is great.

  • team twilight and edward

    y cant bella take jacob so i can have the gorgous vampire team edward all the way but they are sssoooooooooooooooooooo cute 2 gether i wounder wat their real child would look like

  • Nisha

    i like robert a lot i m his biggest fan cant wait till da release of da flim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jprocks1212

    I LOVE twilight and jacob AND edward << just can't choose

  • guest

    OMG, i have readed breaking dawn over 8 times, i can't never stop reading that book, it is so wonderful love story!

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