Fan Art Feature: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Poster

Thanks to D. Emmanuel for submitting this great fan-made Breaking Dawn poster!

  • @lizcheekydevil

    rob and taylor look good, but poor kristen looks constipated x

  • Laila

    omg kristen looks like a bad made zombie or something other ô.O

  • http://twitter.com/RojeiM Rojei Malcolm

    this poster is suckish

  • RobStenTay

    taylor and rob  look perfect……but kristen not so :/ :/  but well done for the other two

  • Kstacey89

    ewwww, this is the worse poster ever, I have the eclipse poster on my wall in my room & it looks rad!!!

  • Bree Cullen

    she always looks like that…jk

  • Boo-06

    well if you can draw any FUCKING better then do soo this person is really talented

  • T Williams28214

    @everyone: y everyone picking on kristen!!!???? i love the entire thing!!! This is a great job!!!!

  • Hollyblack38

    i like this poster xx

  • Monserratbaena

    OMG so perfect

  • Kerrylou_1993

    That doesnt really look like kristine thou looks like reily off aliens with long hair. other than that good make

  • Tiba1236

    This is amazing, what are you talking about ^^  ?!

  • Miss_C

    who's Kristine?…..

  • Oblivious2theObvious

    This isn't a drawing its someone playing with Photoshop or GIMP Etc and the textures.  Its a manipulation.

  • AmeliaBonnevie

    Hello I edit pics of Twilight too :) were can I send you my work so you can post it here too? :)

  • Merrick

    I don't think that's Kristen….

  • BEJ.

    I dont think is original…

  • Jessicabrogdon4

    Either way it's a talent and unless you can do better then lay off.

  • Angie

    Would love to see your work. I love admiring talent. And this person has talent…

  • TwilightFan

    She always looks like that; this drawing's a perfect copy of her face xD

  • I laughed

    i've seen better . . . I could do better!

  • whatever!

    amazing..but honestly kristen looks suck…

  • Raedoell

    OMG why dont you grow up Kristen looks anyways and i dont see any of you guys in the twilight movies……Kristen is the best out there by far and her fans dont like how people ditch and i am one of them

  • Melly

    Have you even seen the movies? That is NOT Kristen Stewart.

  • Cherellberry

    I just cant wait to see it :)

  • Raven

    K, all you haters. Don't pick on people just because they're wayyyy better than you. Love your picture, you are really talented! :o )

  • Raven

    Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. She is a good actress.

  • AmeliaBonnevie

    What do you think of my work? :D

  • Gerrydecesare

    Would have liked the poster better if Edward was in the front.

  • Oblivious2theObvious

    People should learn criticism is a part of art, some people will not like their work. I do not like the Bella used in this photo, its crap. Its not talent if they took someone else's work and manipulated it.. It means they ripped off the original artist or photographer.

  • edward
  • TwilightForver<3

    Not bad still hoping for rosalie and emmett as a couple fan art as quite a few other couples have been done :)

  • Kylalouisejacobs

    proove it

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