Parody: The Whole Twilight Series in Four Seconds

Ok, I have to admit this is pretty funny! LOL

Source: @DanielTosh via Spunk-Ransom

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    …LOL, what the heck?
    Well, if you've got a sick bod, flaunt it.

  • Cullen4Evr

    hahaha it was kinda funny but taylor should keep his shirt OFF

  • Natasha

    facebook.com/.angeldequeen check out my books page it was inspired by twilight, not the page but the book =]

  • PrincessOfTheVaria

    LOL This is from Jacksfilms!


    it is funny jus the way he says NO…but if i were him i would deffinetly not wear a shirt ever!!!! ;P

  • Yasmin 2002

    Lol Rofl Lmao i had to write all of them because it was EXTREMELY funny lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol    mother: STOP SAYING LOL!
    me: ok
    … 4 seconds later…
    me: LOL LOL LOL

  • Angle1261

    I would rather see Edward without a shirt

  • Yasmin 2002

    it took me FOREVER to finish watching the vid!

  • Samantha_Nicole_smith

    I love how the source is @DanielTosh. I LOVE Tosh.0! And yeah, keep the shirt offff (;

  • Team Jacob 707

    Cute but, I agree – Jacob can take the shirt off whenever he wants!!

  • Amy Echols


  • Majaercegovac

    what is this???????

  • Poison


  • Kelseydaoust

    wow this video is funny!!!

  • Sinan shafiq

    lolz,,, jacob the shirt off. funny

  • ulrike

    love this!

  • Nputinski

    it wasn't that funny. i agree, he is shirtless too much. save some for the bedroom.

  • Frolic1128

    yeah! the emaciated man-child look TOTALLY turns me on! ….seriously??

  • http://twitter.com/BellsSCullen Erica Beumel


  • Jane

    Ah, why not, he can pull it off ;) Yum

  • Niesariel

    no jacobs alot hotter. pluse he has more muscles.

  • Blossom5621


  • Tracey

    iam with u on this 1 i would rather see Edward with no shirt on

  • Agirl3339

    Edward sucks

  • qu33nj95


  • mandy wigan

    i have a serious problem im totally in love with edward cullen i sympathise with my husband as twilight widower, jacob has a great body but u cant beat edwards eyes xxx

  • destany

    Destany johnson.  I am your  favorit  fan.

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