Saturday Survey: What do you hope to see in the new trailer on Tuesday?

If we missed anything, throw it in the comments! Here’s the sneak peek we have already gotten of the trailer releasing early this next week.

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Well, based on what I've seen of the entire movie so far, here's what I know: Summit wants to keep the wedding dress under wraps until November; in this preview it looks like there won't be a lot of honeymoon action; and the wolves seem to be more involved, which is great.
    I think the new trailer will mainly be focused on Bella's pregnancy and the wolf pack. Bella will probably look so bad, it'll be perfect (yes!), and the wolves just look awesome so far, so no disappointment there.
    Any thoughts?

  • NaomiRz19

    I can't wait for the new trailer and I'm soo excited for Breaking Dawn Part 1 to come out! :)

  • Jessica Willow

    Alllll of that!

  • UnalCullen

    I completely agree with you! It seems that the wedding dress is TOP SECRET. It wont be shown until the very first screening. As for the honeymoon, I think we've seen enough. We don't want to see the entire thing.
    I also have a feeling that the trailer might end with Bella's death.. Like a beeping of a machine or something of the sort.

  • aliine

    I would love to see something with the birth. I would die!!!

  • Pamela

    That is just awful….. 17 seconds. Its like teasing a dog with a porkchop then not giving it to him…lol Can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Edward!!

  • Amanda

    Well from what I've seen during the 15 second sneak peek, it looks like it's more on the pregnancy than it is the wedding, which I hoped was more of. But my guess is that they want to keep that under wraps as much as possible. And I didn't see any of the honeymoon either, so that's out of the question.

  • CatCullen


  • Sammie

    I cant wait to see the movie, the effects look really good from the trailers ive seen!

  • Neicey30296

    Just bought my ticket!!   I'm thinking the movie ends, kinda like Avatar. The camera fades to black, as Bella's red eyes pop open!!

  • Prabago15

    I think at the end, the wedding dress is probably going to disappoint us, and I hope there will be more honeymoon scenes because I think it's the part we all want to see and the part we are more exited about. :) I cant wait until december 23, this bad luck keeps following me everywhere I go, apparently it will be until then when Hong Kong will be able to watch the movie, THAT SUCKS!!!!! :s

  • Fawcett631

    Bought my ticket, midnight show on the 17th Nov, cant wait

  • fav_cheetah_x

    how many films are their gonna be…. 3 or just 2 ????

  • Bobbyland

    o cant wait bring it on…….

  • Nadine

    I saw the movie yesterday, it's amazing!

  • Rensemee

    I saw the movie on opening night her dress was so pretty the movie was so good i cant wait till the next one but i dont want it to be over but we still got awhile.

  • israh manzoor

    i watched the movie 2 weeks before i guess…but the thing is that it was awesome…it had to b…after all it was ROBSTEN!!! and the wedding dress was amazing!!!

  • Mnlbugssyluv

    i wuved the moive  i feel alittle bad because she went through all that  for marring a vampire but hey i get jacob wait he with reneesmee crap well i still have seth <3;)

  • Sam

    Your thoughts are exactly accurate!

  • bella


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4D4I2NFKCPJFKM36W6QTMJYN3Y Sarah


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