New Stills of Jacob, Leah and Seth in Breaking Dawn!

Check out these new stills of Jacob, Leah, and Seth! I can’t wait to see the newest Breaking Dawn trailer later today!

Source: TwilightFeverr Via: The Vampire Club

  • holly hasty

    i love the cast of THE TWILIGHT SAGA

  • Stephen

    i love SETH!!!~!

  • KimberlyNale

    I can't wait to see this movie.I know it is going to be my favorite.TEAM EDWARD BABY!!

  • Kwild

    She is beautiful! And little Seth is so cute!!

  • Corriebecker


  • Corriebecker

    i mean't EXCUSE ME

  • Ravenscove1

    I am going NUTS waiting for the movie, “Breaking Dawn” to be in the theaters! These photos look like a scene when Seth and Leah join Jacob in leaving the pack and form a pack of their own to protect Bella during her pregnancy. Has anyone heard if Renesme is born in Part 1??

  • teameffnjacob

    “newest breaking dawn trailer later today”…? when and where?!?!?!?!

  • Corriebecker

    edward is so ugly!

  • Tory

    real men dont sparkel

  • Timberly

    I can't wait to see this movie, it was the best book in the series.  TEAM EMMETT!!!

  • Cassisismummy

    team edward all the way cant waite to see breaking dawn

  • Luisandnita

    On yahoo movies I think at 7:30 go to yahoo they have the info on there

  • Jonaliesayson

    you're so mean!!!!!

  • Lwsgirl414

    Her hair looks too good to be living outside as a wolf all the time.

  • sherri vernon

    cant wait for it to come out ,,i got all 3 of them already so just waitin for this one awesome

  • Mybandit

    funny how people who don't like Twilight or certain actors find the time to actually look this up and actually bother to leave a comment.  Why not leave the space for fans instead.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    It wouldn't kill some people to actually give some love for the characters that are actually in the photo…jerks.

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    WOO! I love seeing Leah and Seth together! Remember how they didn't even speak to each other in the Eclipse movie? So excited!!!

  • jv

    wooooo! TEAM JACOBBBB!!<3

  • http://twitter.com/MindyBlair Mindy Blair

    Real men do SPARKLE! Well usually only when they are all lathered up with sparkly lotion. My man sparkles all the time for me!

  • Meganhubbard80

    Love it!

  • CD

    real men can properly spell “S-P-A-R-K-L-E” :)

  • Micayben1010

    Wow boo boo stewart is getting so mature looking…wheres that little kid we knew. mmm and Edward is sprakly delicious

  • Micayben1010


  • maan

    Seth i think he should work out more his body is down now

  • Nicolemelendez1

    i luv jacob i i wanna be a vamp. cuz theydo so many things dat i like

  • Fae Bae

    Hater !

  • Toooldforthis

    I love the Quiluetes.  I'm moving to Forks, marrying Jacob, and living on the Rez.  Leah is going to be like my sister. #livinginafantasy.

  • Daneille Moffatt


  • Sabs_sabreena

    i like edward but im clearly team jacob!!!

  • Alisona

    On IMDB it says that Mackenzie Foy's only in part 2 of Braking dawn.


    I'm so confuse i love Edward & Jacob

  • MaddieGirl6115

    Team Edward 4 LIFE!!!!

  • Narnda_kansas1997

    righton there team edward all the way

  • Barista_gal87

    These are going to be the best 2 movies ever!! Absolutely can't wait to see them. I heard down the grape-vine that the 1st part of Breaking Down will end when Bella wakes up after her transformation. It's a pity that the damn movie makers are going to make us all wait a year for the 2nd part. I mean we're already itching for the 1st part.

  • Zlc Team Edward <3

    I love twilight and cant't wait to see the film (hoping it lives up to the book as I think it's the best one in the series!!) But I think by the time the film comes out we'll have seen that many stills from it that we'll have practically een the film!!!

    PS I agree that the sad act who has negative comments is wasting their own time viewing soemthing they supposedly have no interest in!!


  • SeralynsMom929

    go to team twilight's actaul facebook page. they just announced it right after the stills and it is also on yahoo

  • lionesskcb915

    yes the baby will be born in part 1.

  • granny

    I love both teams I cann't choose I just wish the series could go on forever I have read and reread the books and I am an old lady who is a big time twilight fan and I don't care who thinks I'm nuts

  • zmefly

    Awesome shots just to ramp up the excitement! It's working……!
    Team Bella!

  • Lucitadcruz


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