Discussion Topic: Sooooo? What did you think of the new trailer?

What did you think of the brand new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 trailer?? Was there anything you wished had been there that you didn’t get to see? Discuss in the comments.

And if you haven’t managed to watch the latest trailer, here it is:
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  • Melinda

    I thought it was epic!….LOLIt was great one of the best trailers. November 18th please hurry and get here…..

  • Ellen

    I fricking cant wait!! Its kinda similar to how i imagined when i read the book. :-) seriously stop teasing already i wanna see it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  • Bite_That_pillow <3 :)


  • Summer Chaffins

    i loved it…. but, i wish they would have had the wedding in the house like they did in the book. i was looking forward to watching her walk down the stairs with charlie when she makes the comment
    “dad dont let me fall” cause it just made more sence to say that when your walking down stairs. but dont get me wrong i am so freakin pumped to see this movie i cant stand it. come the hell on november 18th!!!!!!

  • Kay

    They pretty much gave everything away, but I don´t think anyone will mind, ´cause we´ve all read the books.

  • summer chaffins

    i loved it…. but, i wish they would have had the wedding in the house like they did in the book. i was looking forward to watching her walk down the stairs with charlie when she makes the comment “dad dont let me fall” cause it just made more sence to say that when your walking down stairs. but dont get me wrong i am so freakin pumped to see this movie i cant stand it. come the hell on november 18th!!!!!!

  • Sharissavn

    It was absolutely EPIC!!  Now I'm more anxious than ever for November 18!!  I'm a little concerned of how this first installment will end… I have a feeling it will end after the baby's birth!!!  Before Bella is even changed!  AAAAAAA!  I wish they'd just make one long 4-hour movie, would anybody else mind!?

  • summer chaffins

    no i would not mind at all! cause i dont want to have to wait another year to see the last one.

  • Wilzgurl

    OK I love Twilight as much as anyone, BUT… why are they going so far from the book? Or at least portraying that they are? The wolves never got the chance to attack the Cullens, because Jacob warned the Cullens they were coming. And I wish they would have done the indoor wedding. Oh well. I will still watch it, but I just wish they didn't add.

  • Teki1boljevic

    Suffice it to say that I was all covered with goosebumps as I watched trailer!!

  • http://twitter.com/Dradens_Mommy Megan Forbis

    I thought it was amazing!! I am counting down the days until november 18th.

  • Sakers46

    OMG! Is there a word stronger than ” EPIC'? That was amazing! I can't stand it any longer. Nov 18th, where are u when I need u!? Bill Condon did an awesome job directing as far as I can see. Thank u Bill, and SUMMIT for this little slice of heaven, and would u PLEASE consider an earlier release date?

  • AdeleLovesJake

    Amazing!!!!! aside from the hidious hair. i thouht bella's make-up looked really good when she was preggers. jacob still looking at ft as ever xxx

  • Iloveedwardcullen

    Beautiful. I thought it looked like a really good story. It looks interesting and I've read the books I'm excited (of course) to see Bella and Edward during the honeymoon but I'm also excited to see all of the drama surrounding the pregnancy! Jacob, the wolves, edward, the cullens, bella..!!!!

  • Audra Wimmer

    Omg!! it looks so good can't wait to see it @ buy it when it comes out on dvd lol. guess Bella will change in the part 2 of breaking dawn. hope she changes in to a vampire in this one but thinking that might be in part 2 as well. sooo……..excited ;) )!

  • Aurinko

    Awww come on! That's only been 2,5 mins here, so we don't know how far away from the book it's going to be. Look at Twilight – well that sucked big time when you want to talk about added and left out stuff. Wedding indoors or outdoors doesn't matter to me at all. I want to see the wedding – end of. If it's only going to be small stuff like that, I really don't mind. The trailer looks abso-freaking-lutely awesome. And even though I'm Team Edward all the way, I had tears in my eyes when Bella and Jake kind hugged goodbye. I can't wait until november – actually bought my ticket today… yay! :)

  • http://twitter.com/appleburple Apryl Betts

    It's all about drama and action. They're trying to appeal to a wider audience than just the awesome “fan girls”  :-)

  • http://twitter.com/appleburple Apryl Betts

    I agree. Edward's hair looks really odd a couple times but other times it's fine. I'm sure it has to do with when the shots were filmed and what not but I like consistancy.

  • Mrs_Ely_Cullen

    Awesome :)

  • Sarah

    it was everything it should be…it was like putting on a perfect fitting glove. i wasn't the biggest fan of the last book but this trailer has it looking so good. Now I do dislike the change in Daddy-C's hair.

  • Twihart101


  • Janeeto3

    ok I was right stephanie meyers did another cameo…she is the wedding scene when bella is walking down the isle with charlie…steph looks like she is standing next to her hubby and she is wearing a lavender dress…way cool steph!!! and i can't wait till november!!! one last note earlier this year I went with My 27 year old daughter and my 28 year old neice to seattle port angeles, forks, seaside oregon, ecola st park, portland to see the cullen house, st helens to see the swan's house, and where bella was almost attacked, multnomah falls to see the gorge, veiw point inn to see where the prom was, carver cafe to see where they ate at, and kalema high school to she where they attended school….these are all some of the filming locations in the first film… it was a freaking awesome trip… fyi breaking dawn was shooting in vancover at the time we were there but none of us have an interest in stalking actors…lol I would rather be an extra in the film   but other then that we had a great time and i hope to go there again….wouldn't mind going to the premiere in LA at the Nokia Theater. well enjoy the movie everyone..I know we will!!!

  • Janeeto3

    I really think that these 2 films are going to be the closest version of the books out of all the films and i also think it will give the actors a wider margin of emotions to deliver on screen which will rocket them all to even more movies …and i am not just talking about the main 3…you have more of each actor being displayed…I think this one is going to be my favorite!!!

  • DemetriLover626

    I loved it!! It was epic!! The only thing that bugged me to no end was Edward and Carlisle's hair! I am so excited!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UUWIX2KZ535DKTQMPNTTPZ4QKI bookie

    to me in the book it didn't have the wolves n Cullens fighting just that Jacob warned them but not hand to hand

  • Brandynlsn2005

    so excited to watch it!!

  • rnrgrl417

    LOVED IT!  But don't like that the wolves attack the Cullens, way off base from the book.

  • Team Edward 4ever

    Wow!! It totally left me speechless! It got my heart pumping! Now, My patience for waiting for the movie, has now broke! I can't wait!!

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I think it was totally epic, but even more INTENSE! I loved how it had its “Aww!” AND it's “Oh crap!” moments. Hiding the wedding dress was also clever hear. Bravo, Bill. Bravo!

  • Kunteries

    Totally agree even thoughs there's drama in the books (as we all know)  I'm actually glad they are changing it a bit. After I read the book I was like how are they gonna make this into a movie.  The must have been the hardest book to do.  I loved the trailer can't stop watching it :0)

  • Snail8Raisin

    The trailer gets me pumped to see it but I'm a little nervous about how its going to turn out

  • cullen fan

    waaaaaaaw the trailer amazing , and the movie it's so great , so i find this part it's so special for the twilihgt fans the story it's something we don't ound it everyday so thank you stephenie meyer for this series not like anyone all the movies are amazing , the twilight saga it's so powerful by emotions . wooooooooooooooooow i love it so much <3 

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