Carter Burwell completes ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 1′ score

Bill Condon and partner Jack Morrissey have been spending some time in London where the score for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, was being recorded with composer Carter Burwell (who scored the original Twilight) was heading things up. Morrissey has taken to his Twitter to give some details about the recording sessions, including a couple of familiar faces who came in to show their support.

Two morsels for Friday: *The score is recorded. *I thought you’d be interested in hearing that NEW MOON composer Alexandre Desplat and ECLIPSE composer Howard Shore both happened to be in London this week and stopped by to visit TWILIGHT and BD composer Carter Burwell.

*Lastly — for the moment, anyway — the score was recorded at historic Abbey Road Studios (http://www.abbeyroad.com/) Still owned by the Beatles

All six STAR WARS scores were recorded there, as were all three LORD OF THE RINGS scores (also by Howard Shore), and at least HARRY POTTER 7

How exciting! Do you think any of the previous films’ scores (especially Twilight, which was written by Burwell himself) will influence the new music we’ll hear on November 18?

Via Twilight Examiner

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    As much as I wish the scores for Breaking Dawn were being done by Alexandre Desplat or Howard Shore, I'm glad that it's done. When the new Breaking Dawn clip with Jacob in it came out, it sounded like the Eclipse score was being recycled, which I found not amusing since I am a huge fan of music.

  • Dddd

    clips often released before the soundtrack is done will use a temporary score before the official score is done .

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