Lucky Fan Meets Monkeys

One of our readers and a very lucky fan recently got to go behind the scenes at a 100 Monkeys shows. Christina, recently attended the Austin, Houston, and Dallas shows (dedication, That’s quite a drive in between all those cities!). Not only did she have VIP tickets to the Houston and Dallas shows but she also got to attend the sound check at those two shows! That lucky girl Christina, also won meet and greets at the Houston and Austin shows! Here are some of the pictures she took of Jackson and the boys!



Thank you Christina for sharing your story and pictures with us!

  • Christina

    You are VERY welcome and I just have to say it was an honor and a privilege to  meet the guys. They are all so sweet. At the Dallas show I even got them to sign a stuffed monkey (from Build-A-Bear) for my 1 year old son who LOVES their music. I look forward to their next tour!

  • Christina

    P.S. If y'all want anymore pics just say the word. I have well over 300 from all 3 shows combines. LOL! I went a little camera happy!

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