Taylor Lautner talks ‘Abduction’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’ with Hit Fix

Hit Fix chatted with Taylor about Abduction and Breaking Dawn. Taylor says Breaking Dawn part 1 is his favorite out of the Twilight Saga movies!

We sat down with Lautner to discuss his latest film “Abduction”, a John Singleton-directed action vehicle due out this Friday. The Lion’s Gate thriller has the 19-year-old starring as Nathan Price, a tough-as-nails high school kid whose life is turned upside down after he discovers one of his childhood photos on a missing person’s website.

During our conversation, Lautner discussed the pressures of taking on his first major starring role outside the “Twilight” series, performing his own daredevil stunts, starring opposite screen greats including Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina, and whether his hardcore fans can expect any sly “Twilight” references to crop up in the new film.

In other “Twilight”-related bits, Lautner talked about the response he’d gotten from people regarding the recently-released “Breaking Dawn” trailer, and whether he’ll be glad to finally put the role of Jacob Black behind him.

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Source: Hit Fix

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