New Details About ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

Jack Morrissey shared a few new key details from  Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on his Twitter page. TwiFans.com broke down most recent tweets, and here are the ones that are the most interesting!

  • The scene with the Mercedes Guardian was, unfortunately, cut from the script for the film because it is “[o]ne of those scenes that doesn’t serve an overall movie story pace.” I was afraid this might happen, but I’m not surprised.
  • “[T]here are scenes set in meadows and fields” in Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Wonder which ones?
  • “Charlie” will make us cry . . . twice. “[H]e’ll make you cry twice . . .  You’ll be very happy with the scenes and Billy [Burke] has never been better. He rocked it . . . Just wait until you watch the scenes, across both parts, then tell me if you miss anything. You will love his wedding toast.” Evidently, the moment when he is told of the wedding is the part we saw in the first trailer, with him holding his invitation.
  • “[H]ere’s my favorite thing about the trailer — it’s very good, but it doesn’t prepare you for the movie you’re getting.” How cryptic!
  • We won’t be missing the “Alice” and “Bella” friendship anymore after Breaking Dawn – Part 1. I guess there’ll be plenty of that, thank goodness.

Source: Twilight Examiner

  • Mel mOre than my own life

    a first disappointment, that Mercedes scene meant a lot to me, but glad though for the other ones.

  • Broonersk

    so glad alice and bella are finally friends in the movie, i feel like they left out alot in the movie compared to the book

  • Mrs.Cullennnn<3

    wow the Mercedes scene was one of my favortive parts !

  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    I can't wait to see Charlie's toast…I wonder what it would have been like if Emmett made a toast. I think it'd be very inappropriate, LOL.

  • Karlas120

    Alice and bella have always been friends.  Is Rosalie that takes a roll in Breaking Dawn and that's because she wants what bella is about to have a family of her own.

  • firelight21

    i actually do not remember that scene. but i did only read the books once back in high school. can some one refresh my memory please.

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