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Let’s talk this out guys. Let’s let our feelings out so we don’t bottle them up. I want to talk about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. No, there is no Muse on there. And for those hoping that Robert Pattinson would making an appearance, I know you are also disappointed. Also notably absent: Paramore. Just let it out. Tell us how you feel in the comments.

Aside from those two tragic omissions, what do you think of the other artists on the soundtrack? Give us your opinion!

Listen to the first single, “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, and tell us what you think of the track, and where we might see it in the film!

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  • Tandrianna

    The thing I have most appreciated about all of the Twilight Series soundtracks was that they introduced me to new bands and musicians, those who I had not been exposed to before. Of course, the new bands/musicians they expose you to only lead to more new music and before you know it, a whole new genre of music has been opened to you. I trust the soundtrack choreographers, they have done an exceptional job so far and I see no reason to doubt them now. I have a feeling that Muse will have another appearance before it is all said and done and they can thank the Twilight soundtracks for their international famedom. And what a wonderful surprise to discover that Rob not only looks heavenly, possesses acting chops like a young star on the rise, but also has this soul-wrenching singing voice and musical style. The books were visionary, the movies have been evolutive and the music has been an ongoing happy discovery. Looking forwad to how these songs will illuminate the movie's themes. That is my two pennies in the jar for ya!

  • Theresa Arnold

    This could fit after when Renesme is born and Jacob imprints.

  • sonypin

    this song is giving me a Jacob vibe and i love the song!

  • Marisa

    After listening to it a few times I really like it.  I get that it does feel a little more poppy than what we are used to but I'm ok with that, and now I have the song stuck in my head.  

    To all the folks that were shocked that Muse isn't on the soundtrack, the only thing I can say is that in my opinion the Muse songs featured on the New Moon and Eclipse soundtracks we some of the weaker songs on those CD's and songs that I frequently skip through when I'm doing my Twilight soundtracks at work.  I'm a big fan of Muse and I love that they have been involved in the movies what with Stephanie's love for them, I was just underwhelmed by those songs.

  • Msvintagegal

    Well, I don't really care what they put on the album because I'm sure it will all be fantastic anyway, and I'll support it nevertheless. I was hoping Robert would be singing on this one, but nobody knows, perhaps he'll be on breaking dawn 2.

  • Beth

    I'm disappointed that Muse aren't on the soundtrack but think it has some good songs and like that Iron and Wine are on it. I like the Bruno Mars track, can't make up my mind whether it will be in a Jacob or Edward scene, there are parts of the track that fit both.

  • Cool_seil

    Muse and Paramore should be in the Soundtrack

  • Danyboy Daniyal

    nice soundtrack <3 it ;)


    yes but we dont know how it will work in the film the people who choose have done well in the past trust them now we dont know if it will fit or not in the movie as the movie isnt exactly the same as the book and bd is a bit different from the others

  • Tonimleary1

    I think “It Will Rain” will be in a scene with Jacob. Either his dance with Bella @ the wedding or maybe even when he gets the invitation and he takes off, shifts and runs for a long time.
    I also think that the artists on BD part 1 will be more mellow for the events in that movie – the wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy. BD2 will probably have the old favorites – Muse, Linkin Park, etc. More action in that one, Bella's transition, wolfpack after Renesmee and fight training, Volturi.

  • stephjones100698

    i think this song is gonna be played when bella is dancing wid jacob at her wedding :) if bd is anything like the other movies its gonna be amzing :')

  • Carly

    it'll be when she's dancing with ake at the wedding, when they're leaving for their honeymoon, or when they're on isle esme

  • Carly


  • Samantha

    I think this song will play right when her spinal chord breaks and then onto the delivery and her changing into a vampire.

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